Ebay Annual Plan upgrad

Ignore spelling error in thread title - Ebay Annual Plan upgrade

Long story short - I purchased a 5GB annual Ebay redpocket plan for a family member who was previously using about 1 GB a month on Twigby. Figured that would be more than adequate and was actaully cheaper than what they were paying on Twigby. Even after the free upgrade to 8GB on that plan, family member is burning through that data like a box of matches. This month used 8GB in 2 weeks. Note - family member does not have internet at home. Culprint seems to be videos that are political in nature...

Anyway, I contacted redpocket chat to ask if there is an "uppgrade" option on annual plans, thinking it was a long shot. They told me to contact redpocket on ebay. To my suprise ebay said they would offer a credit toward a new plan. Here are the details:
Purchased a 5 (now 8GB) plan at the last sale ($17.50/mo). 4 months have been used - so RP calculated the plan has $140 of value ($17.50 * 8 months). They will allow me to use that credit in purchasing a new annual plan and my 12 moths would start over. I have not gone through with it yet, was hopping for a flash sale - but I think they generally have their sale closer to black friday. Also may just ride this out and look to go with another plan like Visible now that they have the expanded groups or even US mobile with a moderate LTE allowance as their "slow" data is now 1Mbps.


Your relative might be able to just reduce the stream quality for YouTube.

360p on a phone should be plenty for YouTube videos.

Thanks for the tip. I looked at her usage today - it was primarily in chrome and not via the youtube app. Youtube data usage was less thank 200MB. With that, some of the videos could be embedded youtube videos, but others could be non youtube. I just pulled up a website that had a youtube video embedded in chrome on my phone and I didn't see a way to change the quality. I did turn on data saver on chrome on her phone but doubt that will have any impact on data usaage on videos.
Some usage could be from videos in facebook app as well - she does have facebook lite app maybe there is a setting for lower quality on that as well.

Any other suggestions (different browsers, force videos to open in youtube app with lower quality, etc.)? Keep in mind this is a non-techincal user and I'm not able to provide support to them as they don't live nearby, but do see them occasionally.