I don't know if this is such a good idea. "Dunkin" justs sounds weird. For 67 years it has been Dunkin Donuts. Maybe Dunkin Coffee would be better, maybe not

I have no idea how one would figure out whether a name change is a good thing or not, either before or after such an event.

However, since the test store in in California the results may not be representative across other parts of the country.

Seemingly in New England the chain has quite a base of support.

" And then he waited in line for three and a half hours to get his free coffee. "

If the name is changed, perhaps these intrepid customers might be less willing to stand in line for such a long time to get free coffee which would have a positive effect on net income but if they were more willing to stand in line as a result it would have a negative impact.

Yes very weird without the donuts.

While their in store coffee is very good, their supermarket coffee is lousy. I think it's the sweepings from their stores.

If they're going to build the brand on their coffee rather than their donuts they need to fix that.

Conversely, Starbucks' supermarket coffee is almost as good as their in store coffee.

If you truly want good coffee, on the go, you won't do better than Pilot truck stops. They do a great job with coffee and even beat Starbucks.

We're on the road, constantly, and Pilot is the only place we stop for coffee.

I was in Massachusetts several times about 17 years ago and was surprised at the number of Dunkin Donut Shops there(none in California that I know of).Today, Dunkin donut shops outnumber Starbucks 10 to 1 in the Mass. area. I hardly remember the taste of the Dunkin coffee, so it did not leave a lasting favorable impression with me. Perhaps it's just an east coast bad habit that is hard to break. "Dunkin Donuts Plus" sounds better than "Dunkin" to me. Pilot "truckin" coffee is good.

I have the same impression of the large number of the company's stores in Massachusetts.

Here is a nice story about one store in Ohio.

Speaking of name changes, what about the change from Nationstar Mortgage to Mr. Cooper?

From mortgages to barrel making---quite the transition.:slight_smile:

“After extensive research and testing, Mr. Cooper was selected as the new brand name to personify the next generation of home loan servicing and lending for the company,” Nationstar said in its release. “It represents a more personal relationship customers can have with their home loan provider. The brand recognizes the critical role of a customer advocate in delivering a positive experience and aligns the entire company behind the spirit of customer advocacy.”

Perhaps "Mr Neighbors" might have been a better choice--does not have the same connotation of the mortgage company having you over a barrel.

Barrels of Fun and Mr. Cooper: