Does LTE SIM works with Walmart AT&T Prepaid Huawei Ascend XT2?

Does anyone know if FP LTE SIM works with the Walmart Black Friday $49 AT&T Prepaid Huawei Ascend XT2? Do I have to unlock it? From what I can find it seems unlocking it ain't cheap. Thanks.

FP LTE SIM is AT&T, so yes.

I don't think so, it has to be unlocked. I remember I tried before, it's
because the apn cannot be set to fp's apn.

Have you tried to unlock the phone? It isn't cheap right?

Why do people by cheap new phones, when you can get a better used phone for the same price?

I didn't try on this Huawei but other locked att phone

Thanks for the later clarification that you haven't tried this particular phone, dav !

I haven't either. As a general rule, PEW is correct-- most locked AT&T prepaid phones will work with the Freedompop LTE (AT&T) SIM, or AT&T MVNO carriers-- and there are plenty of reports from people who have done this. (Although, again, I haven't searched for reports about this Huawei model.)

We've seen reports of some phones that don't seem to work with Freedompop, though--a recent report here about a ZTE model comes to mind. If you can't get to the APN settings, you likely won't get it to work with the FP SIM.

Freedompop AT&T sim works with Ascend XT2. Just tested. No need to unlock. APN can be added.
Didn't try update, but AT&T postpaid sim should work. (One example is K88)
If you bought online, check ESN online make sure it is activation ready to avoid you account get blacklisted.

What site should be used to check the ESN online? I assume that the same check would be recommended for any AT&T prepaid phone purchased online-- or purchased in store, to be sure it was scanned correctly.

swappa has esn checker