Does FreeUp send order/shipping confirmation e-mails?

I ordered my sim but haven't received any order confirmation e-mail. Nothing about my order in my FreeUp account either. Is this normal, or did my order not go through? Thanks for shedding any light on this!

ETA: ordered it Sunday.

You don’t get an EMail conformation of your sim order, there is a account number and order number In your account portal online The sim order takes 3 to 5 business days to receive in the usps mail. I received my sim in about 3 business days

I did not receive any order confirmation emails, or any other order info. But I believe the sims are being sent from California and I got mine in two days since I live in California. Given that FreeUp may have been inundated with orders when the free plan went live, processing and mailing many sims may take longer than normal, and where one lives is a time factor as well.

Mine came from Dallas, Texas. Didn't receive any confirmation nor tracking. Took around 3 days to arrive by USPS First Class mail.