Do you prefer Freedompop CDMA or GSM?

Knowing that the CDMA BYOD gives you 300mb more free data and ability to get premium voice (cdma calls), would you be biased toward getting CDMA or GSM service?

I have CDMA MiFi devices (500 and Fuse), Global MiFis, and LTE SIMs that get used in phones with hotspots.

I always grab the CDMA devices, first, because they seem to be the most glitch-free.

I like them all, though, and am glad to have them in my arsenal.

AT&T is the best network from the available choices, so for data you're probably best off with the LTE SIM.

If you're not going to pay for Premium Voice on the CDMA then it's no different for voice quality between CDMA and any of the GSM so you're still better off with the LTE SIM due to AT&T's network.

If you are going to pay for Premium Voice then the CDMA has the best voice quality.

If you need to use it out of the US, you're best off with the Global SIM, which uses T-Mobile in the US. This is the only scenario the Global SIM is best.

Overall a combination of multiple FreedomPop options, devices, SIMs and services is probably the best way to go, to use in different scenarios.

If there was a Tmobile LTE sim I would prefer that. I'd probably buy several and use them a lot. It might make me buy a dual sim phone even.

Actually the global sim is best for me because both sprint and att LTE are weak in my house and neither a re good enough for a primary line (I may try premium voice again someday but right now cellnuvo, twigby and tello are working for me). I get far better signal and speeds from the global sim on tmobile using HSDA. So it is not just for overseas. It makes for a decent backup data solution but nothing more.

I prefer CDMA, mostly because it's the best performing in my area. I do have the so called global SIM, which I use for roaming where Sprint is not, when I venture out into more remote areas.

The Global SIM, which uses T-Mobile, has better remote coverage than Sprint?