Do any sprint mvnos have wifi calling?

My free year of sprint postpaid has it and it is just what I needed since my house has weak sprint reception. I've never had wifi calling with any of the sprint mvnos I have used. Does anyone know if there are any? Or is this limited to sprint direct?

Of course there is google voice etc but lets leave the out for now.

Tello apparently has it, and though I have a Tello account, I've not tried it yet. EDIT: I just tried wifi calling with the Tello app and it works.

"However, while you are abroad you can call over WiFi using your account balance with our app, My Tello. The app is available to download and install for free on your Android or iOS device."---from Tello FAQs

Gotta love Tello!

Between their great customer service, the hybrid PAYG and plan options, low prices, and WiFi calling, they really have it going on.

You said it---what's not to like.

So I guess no way to use Zoiper on a MNVO?

I really liked that app. Too bad short time on R+

Tello doesn't do incoming calls though.

Yes--I just tried incoming and was connected to Tello VM. Be that as it is, the the glass is , to me , more than 1/2 full with the ability to make outgoing calls with wifi. I do not have Tello VM set up, but if the incoming calls to wifi do register on VM, that would be a plus.

True wifi calling is seamless and works through a regular phone app not an add on app. I used to have it on T-Mobile blackberry and it came in especially useful when travelling internationally.

I read that VoLTE allows switching mid call which can be especially useful if you are moving around.

I am not aware of any Sprint MVNO having Wi-Fi calling. If Wi-Fi calling is enabled, there is actually a display of Wi-Fi symbol between Sprint symbol and Wi-Fi fan symbol on top of the phone screen. Virgin Mobile doesn't have it, Tello doesn't have it, Twigby doesn't have it.

In an abnormal sense, Project Fi is a MNVO of Sprint, as well as T Mobile and US Cellular, and does have Wifi calling woven in. Hence, how to categorize Fi's Sprint/Wifi connection?

Yes I suppose there is republicwireless and textnow that have wifi calling come to think of it.