Discover cashback

I've earned several hundred dollars of cashback on Discover card.

When I go to schedule a payment, it gives me the option to use my cashback.

Is this a good use of the cashback ($1=$1) or do they have other rewards that pay out more?

You can use your discover credit on Amazon at same rate

I don't have a Discover credit card, so I can't speak to any other rewards options with them, but there are several other credit cards that have excellent cash rewards. If you're interested in more (of these off-topic) details, please feel free to PM me for more info.

Share with all. I am always interested in great deals. My 2 Southwest Amex cards (one for me and one for spouse) just rewarded me with a net $1,055 in Walmart GC.

As my original post, I need redemption at greater than $1=$1 otherwise paying the bill is the best use of the rewards.

Gift card redemption is greater than $1 value. But I'm wondering if there are ever any bonuses that are periodically offered.