Discover cash back?

When you get cash back, do you earn rebates? Do you still get grace period to pay back at 0% interest?

As long as the rebate is not returned to your original form of payment (the Discover card) you earn/keep cash back. If the retail merchant accepts Discover as form of payment then you should get any relevant manufacturer or retailer rebate promotion as long as terms are met and cash only payment is not a condition for rebate. I have never had a rebate denied because I used a cash back card be it Discover, AmEx, or various Visa/MC from Citi, Chase, Cap One, local CU.

Someone else will have to chime in re 0% interest.

@PEW I use my Discover in the 5X categories. Gas/Uber/Costco this Q2.

Check the referral thread. Often they will double your cash back. Dunno about rebates can you be more specific? They have a shopping portal that pays free money too.

Discover and Chase Freedom (they let you have 2 via switch) are prolly the best cards to just have ASAP and build age-of-account FICO cuz there will never be a fee and the rewards are $$$.

Let's say I buy a $2 drink at a gas station and get $20 cash back.

  1. Is my rebate/points based on $2 or $22?
  2. Do I get the standard grace period for the whole $22 or is the $20 considered cash advance?
  1. points based on just the $2 charge

  2. grace period (good benefit to you)