Differences between various telecom forums

How would you describe the differences between the following telecom forums:

a) This (on NTH CIRCLE)

b) Howard Forums


And what others are you familiar with?

I can say, with absolutely no bias, that Forum A is vastly superior. As for some other differences:

a) This forum tends to discuss smaller, lesser-known prepaid MVNOs. There also seems to be lots of non-telecom discussion here as well.

b) Howard Forums is huge, broader, and generally more comprehensive. They cover specific mobile devices and dedicate sub-forums for all the larger telecoms (Big-4 and Big MVNOs), but less dedicated space for the smaller MVNOs.

c) XDA-Developers forums are device-centric. That's where you go when you want to root your device or get into the technical guts of your Android phone.

As above. It can get difficult to find info on howardforums sometimes but they have lots of discussions going. Some of the regulars have an odd sense of humor. However it can get a little slow on here being a small forum. XDA is just the place to go if you want to tinker with your phone but doesn't really get into the pricing, deals, customer service aspects etc.