Did I really order all this stuff from Amazon ?

Drunk US Adults Spend $48 Billion Shopping Online, And Amazon Is So Happy About It

-79 percent of the respondents claimed that they have bought something while they were drunk at least once.

-Women (80 percent) were slightly more likely to make drunk purchases online compared to men (78 percent).

-Intoxicated millennials (82 percent) had the most penchant for buying stuff over the internet, followed by Gen Xers (79 percent), and baby boomers (69 percent).

Maybe this study explains Amazon's pursuit of shorter delivery times for alcohol purchases.


It's perturbing that Amazon, Walmart, and many other big online vendors are happy about this BUI behavior, which existed and was studied long before Amazon emerged on the scene. Back in the day, I would venture that people under the influence bought lots of stuff while thumbing through their Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs, and there is a reason why the Las Vegas casinos and other such establishments around the globe supplied and maybe still supply free alcohol to their customers. In addition to BUI behavior, people do many things differently under the influence of alcohol and drugs, some of which, obviously, is not pretty. The fact that many people derive enjoyment from both alcohol and buying stuff online, and the big online vendors are happy about that, one can only wonder where have all the sad and lonely people gone.

Glad I do not drink - at all - ever !!!

One possible solution to the problem might be for heavy drinkers to be subject to blackout (get it?) dates on the website when they can't make purchases. That way, the next morning they'd only have a physical hangover to deal with but not a financial one, too. Of course, Alexa and her contemporaries would have to summon all of their available AI to determine the inebriation level of the voice(s) they hear, which may or may not be achievable yet.