Decent Deal is back

1000mb every month for 12 months at $50/yr and free data can be added.

Thanks been looking for this to come around again!
Since this is prepaid, there's no risk of going over on the data like the usual SIM cards, am I correct?

It is still possible to go over data so definitely keep watch on your usage, (if you decline the auto pay off route). The prepayment of $50/year to get 1GB/month is simply a better value than the usual 1gb for $20/ month

Edit: Wanted to give credit where due.
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So technically 1000MB plan + 500MB friends MB per month?

You are correct on that.

So $50 with 30% off = $35

Thanks for that contribution :slight_smile: Now $42/year or $3.50 per month!

Hope this deal is permanent. Definitely something worth looking into after the Sprint 1 yr free is done. AT&T coverage is much better and definitely worth the $50/yr for 1500mb per mo data.

Same here. Honestly, 50/yr for 1GB(+500mb free)/mo is a fair price.

I got this $42 plan, activated it, and all is working well. But I have a question for anyone up to speed on FreedomPop: On my account, I did not supply a payment method, though they do have my PayPal payment method that I used to purchase the sim , but I did not check the "continue using" this payment method box. So they do not have an authorized payment method yet, and I was wondering if I'll be ok with this no payment method status for the coming year?

Very possibly when they try to charge the 1 cent maintenance fee and it fails, your acct would be blocked.

Odd that they would charge a maintenance fee on a prepaid one year plan. So they would charge 1 cent a month on a yearly plan?

It's to ensure that the card/payment method is still valid... a courtesy check... haha

I have the same concern about the possibility of the $0.01 charge. In theory, it only happens if you don't use the line for some time, but there are plenty of reports about random timing. I don't know if they'll do this on a paid line, though.

FreedomPop's business model is arguably based on overage charges, so they can be picky about valid payment methods. I know some folks manage to use prepaid cards with a low balance, or a virtual card set up with spending limits.

From the below terms, the 1 cent maintenance fee appears to apply only to the free monthly plans, but who knows for certain.

"Notwithstanding anything else in these Terms to the contrary, if you choose the Free Monthly Broadband Plan or the Free Monthly Phone Plan and (a) do not make a payment for excess usage, Value Added Services, or Other Services in any particular month and (b) use less than 5mb or make fewer then five (5) calls in any given month, FreedomPop reserves the right to charge you a $0.01 maintenance fee ("Maintenance Fee") to keep your FreedomPop Account active. For your convenience, FreedomPop reserves the right to automatically charge the Maintenance Fee to your valid payment method on file each month the Maintenance Fee is applicable to ensure no disruption of the Broadband Service, Phone Service, Value Added Services, and Other Services. If we are unable to charge your valid payment method on file, you will have 30 days to pay the Maintenance Fee before we reserve the right to cancel your Broadband Service or Phone Service, as the case may be, Value Added Services, and Other Services; upon such cancelation, any remaining balance in your FreedomPop Account will be forfeited and you will be required to reactivate Broadband Service or Phone Service, as the case may be, Value Added Services, and Other Services per below."