December update from Tello: even lower prices starting today

Tellonuvo sounds good...

You ain't going to earn nothing because that is a scam.

To honestly conduct business, a business should put aside enough cash to support the value of customers credits. Obviously it does not care.

For example, if I swipe 1000 points, the company should put aside one dollar for my redemption call. In emergency, the company should mail out checks to customers to fullfil the promise as much as possible.

If cannot do this, don't promise the credit. I suspect that they don't care because nobody using paygo will cash a large amount of money anyway. So there might never be any cash to support the credit. They either lie or misappropriate fund. Had they mailed out checks with only 10% of what they promised, i would still have phone service, through tello. Instead of doing the right thing, they play dumb and talk shit. I am totally disgusted.

Hungry-Hog - your description makes cellnuvo sound similar to a Ponzi scheme.

It is very possible that you are right.

Meanwhile, tello does not have to do business with them. If they issue gift cards to us, tello can accept the gift cards we tender. If they cannot pay us, why can it pay tello?

Another important factor is ... most of their phones,if r to be used, would end up in tello anyway.

The issue with cellnuvo is that they do not appear to pay their carrier partners and then leave their customers hanging for weeks and months. The carrier partner then needs to provide support but only because cellnuvo is not doing what they promised to.

And there are only a handful of cellnuvo customers left. Can't see any benefit whatsoever for tello to partner with cellnuvo. Maybe offer a dollar or two in sign up bonus instead.

Could we avoid hijacking Tello's thread to continue the frequent debate about CellNuvo?
How about we debate CellNuvo in the multiple other threads about CellNuvo, and Christina_Tello can go read any she desires?

You are not helping the greater good. You just sound like a troll harking on about how bad cellnuvo are. Tello are smart enough to know whether they should get involved or not and trying to put a spanner in the works is just going to make all the cellnuvo customers who want something better annoyed with you. You have nothing to offer other than hearsay and people can get that elsewhere. Your opinions are usually not facts. How about respecting for once that some people actually want to carry on with cellnuvo. If cellnuvo is in such dire straits they will self destruct so you have nothing to worry about.

Really why don't you start some interesting threads about other mvnos you want to promote instead of always bashing everything you have no real idea about and no real interest in. Or are you looking to start more fights and get banned again?

I shall not be reading this thread any more but thanks to Tello for continuing to reduce prices. Getting back to the topic would be in everyone's interest.

CellNUVO had a flawed business model and will not survive anyway. Why waste your much more valuable time to discuss it? Cut your loss and move on with a paid Tello plan or their PAYG plan.

It's easy to see the appeal of a service like CellNuvo, but there's a lot to consider when talking about a partnership. I wouldn't venture any opinions at the moment, as soon as I get an official response I will let everyone know.

My apology to Christine and Tello. Poster JTSR71 has been bashing and stalking every CellNuvo thread for few months now. Before that Tom, the CEO of CellNuvo, used to come to this board and talked to us but as the relentless bashing of the likes like JTSR71, Tom has stopped posting here which is very unfortunate.

Judging for what I have read, I can't blame Tom for not coming here any more. I, too, will either post much less now or stop altogether and leave JTSR71 and the likes of him to talk among themselves.

Noted for record, Tom waived us the activation fees when we entered the referral codes or special code and gave us 6,000 free silver credits to be used for free phone services, so when I hear them calling CellNuvo greedy, I've got to's THEM being greedy and ungrateful!

Tom doesn’t post because he would get bombarded with all the questions and comments that are the norm for this forum.

When the service you provide is below expectations, communications tend to slow down or cease altogether.

Or maybe he just does not want to take questions from non users?

If you're interested in the possibility of having your customers earn credit by viewing ads, take a look at the company adfone:

They've already partnered with Cricket and seem like a legitimate company in this space.

Whatever you do though, stay away from cellnuvo!

Or.... take a look at the forum activity here over an 8 month period, and realize that CellNuvo has generated more interest and more conversation than every other MVNO put together-- and until CellNuvo's recent issues, it was an overwhelmingly positive experience, despite a few glitches.

We all like Tello service and plans (and Twigby, and maybe Red Pocket, and maybe TPO, etc.), but none have generated anywhere near the interest (and possibly brand loyalty) that CellNuvo generated. If any of those had gone through the difficulties that CN has gone through, we'd all have moved along long ago and forgotten about it.
It's possible that adfone or something similar could generate that same buzz-- but we know that CellNuvo did. This is entirely independent of one's views on the sustainability or advisability of using CellNuvo, or of entering into a possible business relationship-- it's a simple observation.

The number of enthusiastic cellnuvo customers on this site is in the single digits.

And this site is the only place on the whole internet where cellnuvo is discussed.

Everyone loves free stuff, and there is no free lunch in this world. Many ad supported phone services come and go. There were no survivors. However, history always repeats itself. Most of people on CellNUVO do not read history book or too young to experience similar crashes during dot come era.

Well said Zubrin.

I actually think it would be a mistake for Tello to offer any ad supported service.

It damages the brand by associating it with getting something free or cheap. Good brands should never discount their services.

Tello already have excellent and fairly priced plans and excellent customer service. The only thing I think they should focus on is getting onto GSM.

Whatever they do, stay as far away from cellnuvo as possible!

Add support phone service is a terrible idea because business management usually lacks of discipline and abuses customer credits. They tend to dig into fund supporting customer credits, and then it turns into a Ponzi scheme. When they need to redeem credits, there is no money and things will fall apart. That is why Swagbucks can survive, it is always ready for redemption. Revisit cellnuvo's business model, you will understand what can happen.

Well, no offer from Tello? I have over 300 golds! It should be worthy of over 300 dollars... I can transfer the right to Tello for $30.

330 gold worthless

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I bought 10 gold plan with cell nuvo app at least 8 times. Did u ever get the confirmation
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