December update from Tello: even lower prices starting today

Tello has dropped monthly plan prices, again. Starting today, December 4th, all plans that were previously above $17 are now up to $6 cheaper. Please note this does not apply to Pay As You Go.

As with the decrease in October, these new prices are for all customers, so if you're already on Tello you'll receive an email notifying you of the changes to your plan by the end of the day. For some customers, plans have been upgraded to match the new price, so you will be paying the same price (or even less) but will have more minutes or data. If you wish to revert to your previous plan, don't forget you can do so at any time. For other customers, the plan price has simply decreased.

Here are the updated plans and their new prices:

Unlimited minutes & text & 200MB: was $17, now $16
Unlimited minutes & text & 500MB: was $19, now $17
Unlimited minutes & text & 1GB: was $22, now $19
Unlimited minutes & text & 2GB: was $29, now $25
Unlimited minutes & text & 3GB: was $35, now $29
Unlimited minutes & text & 5GB+5 free: was $45, now $39

500 minutes & 1GB: was $19, now $18
500 minutes & 2GB: was $28, now $24
500 minutes & 3GB: was $34, now $28
500 minutes & 5GB+5 free: was $44, now $38

300 minutes & 2GB: was $26, now $23
300 minutes & 3GB: was $32, now $27
300 minutes & 5GB+5 free: was $42, now $37

200 minutes & 2GB: was $25, now $22
200 minutes & 3GB: was $31, now $26
200 minutes & 5GB+5 free: was $41, now $36

100 minutes & 2GB: was $24, now $21
100 minutes & 3GB: was $30, now $25
100 minutes & 5GB+5 free: was $40, now $35

2GB data only: was $23, now $20
3GB data only: was $29, now $24
5GB+5 free data only: was $39, now $34

Get with cell nuvo so we can pay in cellnuvo gold. You will have many new customers including me. Ty

Agreed! I think Tello participation (especially the PayGo plan) is #1 on the "wish list" for CellNuvo users.
Our family has one line at Tello already, and have been very happy. If I could tie it with CellNuvo, I'd add at least one additional line.

Hi Tello,

We have 3 lines awaiting potential integration with CellNuvo. Would be a nice holiday surprise!


PS Not to mention that we have 3 lines on Tello currently.

Where is the hog...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard that they have a plan with unlimited low speed data for 8 bucks a month, not sure how many minutes does it include? I would love to join this plan with my cellnuvo balance.

But seriously, I don't think cellnuvo has money to satisfy our gold redemption.

If tello has a swiping program that would be perfect.

You can pick and choose plans in any combo you want.

The cheapest with data and minutes is 100 mins, unlimited texts, 100mb LTE and unlimited 64k data. For $8 plus a little tax.

Sweet. sign us up miss tello

Why wouldn't tello want to sign you up, if you can make sure that your account is properly funded?

oink~ oink~~ oink~~~

In case Christina from Tello doesn't understand what we're referring to, I'll fill in the details. Few months ago, CellNuvo's cell service provider partner suddenly closed its door forcing CellNuvo to rush migrating all our accounts over to Red Pocket. Since then a lot of us are having our phones not working properly plus Red Pocket doesn't have PayG plan too which a lot of CellNuvo users like.

So If Tello could reach out to Tom Mannix, CEO of CellNuvo and see if Tello can be partner with CellNuvo that would be a win for all. Tello has new customers with zero customer acquisition costs, CellNuvo has reliable cell partner, and for CellNuvo users, reliable phone services they can depend on! Tello & CellNuvo would sound great!

As nice as it would be to redeem gold for Tello paygo, I see only problems for Tello if they decide to partner with tom and cellnuvo.

Tello have excellent customer service, easy to understand plans, great self service and prices that are so low that anybody interested in using them should be happy to pay them directly. There is no need for an unreliable, unethical middleman and no need to risk damaging a great reputation that was earned doing precisely the opposite of what cellnuvo have consistently shown themselves to be.

As an ex Tello customer, I strongly urge them to stay far far away from cellnuvo!

We were aware of everything that's been going on with CellNuvo, and I'm sure it's already been discussed at the highest level, but I'll forward your suggestions to upper management in the hopes that they will take a closer look. Obviously, I'll keep you posted if there's any news.

Thank you Christina. All cellnuvo customers appreciate it. We’d just like the option to be able to use a great MVNO like Tello. It is a good fit for us as your paygo plan is almost identical to what cellnuvo used to offer with its infinite plan. And many of us would be attracted to your excellent value plans. Speaking as an actual customer of both Tello and cellnuvo.

I can see how a close integration might not be appealing. However a strong tie is not necessary with the new payment system cellnuvo are attempting to implement. All it would require would be a way for cellnuvo to send payment to tello on behalf of customers. We would have accounts directly at Tello.

Having just paid off my sprint postpaid bill using cellnuvo I think the concept has great potential.

But I am sure you can make up your own minds!

Tello, make your own swiping app...

I know it would be inappropriate and will not happen, but it certainly would be interesting to hear what the Tello personnel think of the apparent CellNUVO demise.

Demise? Aren't they still in business? However, maybe soon this could be true.

I believe they are no longer in the cell phone service provider business, as is Tello. I guess one can say CN is in the earn money for watching ads on one's phone app business, but that is still a tenuous claim.