Data protection feature

One of my SIMs got deactivated by FP today due to unusual spike in usage (235MB). I am not at my limit. This is a nice feature.

I would find that incredibly annoying. My usage spikes all the time. Is there a setting to turn this off?

I do not know. It was a block of 235mb used, so I think you would want that to stop.

If you are concerned with data stop, just carry a few spare SIMs in your wallet.

First time I've heard of this, too.

I think that could be problematic for me-- the whole reason I have FreedomPop is in case I need "unusual" data amounts. (It keeps me from using up my data on my prime phone.)

But, it would be an appreciated feature if you forgot to turn WiFi back on for some reason, and didn't realize you were using cellular data. I suspect most of us are good about setting phone limits to keep us out of too much trouble. With 700 mb on my account, I typically set a data limit at 450mb-- which gives me a safety margin in case I need a little more at a later date.

Used like 80-100mb on one SIM today over lunch and the SIM got locked. Did not affect me since it was a short stint away from wifi. However, for those relying on FP SIM for the whole say, looks like having Dual-SIM phone is becoming a must.

Sounds really odd. It may well be your account in particular. I have never heard of this happening to others with such small data amounts. I've used more than that in one session in the past but I have not used it in the past couple of months.

Does it show in your usage on my.freedompop as one big chunk of data. Often mine appears as a range of smaller entries even if it is one session. My entries never seems to be above 20.01MB - it just has multiple entries at the same time for 20.01mb for large sessions - like it split it up for accounting. Maybe why I never get cut off.

LTE SIM reports in 20MB blocks and just lots of 20MB blocks posting in intervals.

Okay. I have had sessions above 100mb split into 20mb blocks but no cut off. Really I have no idea why yours is cutting off - it doesn't do the same on mine.

The earlier Global SIM was from a 200+MB usage reported in one line.

Having it happen on 2 lines, and different products (global vs LTE SIM) looks like 'a policy'. PEW, are these 2 SIMs on different accounts? By chance are they in the same dual-SIM phone?

What did you have to do to unlock the SIM?

2 diff email accounts.
diff phones, used at diff states.

If I get a chance this weekend, I'll see if the same thing happens to me.

I haven't had a chance to try to replicate the data suspension yet, but it does look like it's a 'feature', and not specific to PEW's lines.

This page was last updated on 9/10/2017. We've seen several times lately where FP has updated or changed published policies, but not implemented the change for some period after. (For example, when people started seeing the throttling on Sprint lines & tried to figure it out, the "found" policy describing it had been in place for some time before the throttling started. There was no attempt to notify users in advance, but the policy was there.)

The article is brief, and does not indicate what usage will trip the suspension, whether it's a fixed point or an algorithm based on the typical use of the line, etc.

The article includes easy directions for re-enabling data: but it requires internet access to the FP dashboard.

If the suspension regularly trips as easily as PEW has seen, it definitely seems problematic for those who use their FP lines intermittently, or even regularly but with low data use. If you're mobile when it suspends, the need to find WiFi or have another device with data access to unsuspend the line seems particularly troublesome.

I'm curious so will test it out.

I'm currently streaming video and it is still working after 15 minutes. Not sure how much data I've used right now. Last time I used this sim was 2 months ago and I used 10mb. So anything will be a big jump in usage.

Perhaps a block won't occur until a data session is ended? I believe AT&T reports in nearly real time, and does have the capability of blocking data during a session. (As opposed to Sprint, which I don't believe can do either.) Even if it's possible, I don't know that a block would be set up that way.

I'm seeing data use in my.freedompop. It is recording in 20mb blocks. It isn't in real time but the delay is 5-10 minutes maybe at the most.

Correct, LTE SIM is reported in 20MB blocks and Global SIM has a longer delay but in bigger chunks.
BTW, my observations with LTE SIM that even minor usage results in reporting of 20MB used... I think it is overbilling.

I don't see that. My usage always seems accurately recorded (not scientifically tested). I have many entries in my log with kb entries, 1mb here, 5 mb there.

Okay to speed things up and cause a massive freedompop overload I have 3 devices connected to the one sim now.

It's easy to overload... just update a bunch of apps and/or play video in HD.