Data Issues On Red Pocket Lines (331 Area Code)

I have two different issues going on with two lines and was wondering if anyone else was in the same boat or if anyone had any suggestions to fix it--

#1 - Phone has 331 area code (brought over to Red Pocket system) and can place/receive calls and texts, but only has 3G data, not 4G LTE like before the outage on 8/18.

#2 - Phone has 331 area code (brought over to Red Pocket system) and can place/receive calls and texts, but the 3G data is constantly (every few seconds) connecting and then dropping over and over. This effectively means that there is no data because it doesn't have time to load anything before it is dropped again. This line also had functioning 4G LTE data with CellNuvo before the outage on 8/18.

Any idea what I can do for either of these cases? Is anyone else in the same boat? Should I just wait for the dust to settle before contacting support with these type of issues? Thoughts?

Not sure if it matters, but both phones are Unlocked Moto G4's.

It may matter that you're using Moto G4's. The G4 series apparently has a problem updating the APN when switching providers. On the Sprint network, you cannot correct this yourself, and the settings are not available for you to inspect. When the problem first appeared a while back, several people had success with a Google Play app called "Change APN"-- there are threads on the RingPlus Social forum about this issue, and this possible solution. If the app does not work, I believe some folks had to resort to a factory reset to regain data.
Perhaps one of the members who has gone through this issue before can share their experience with you.

Outside of the G4 series, and a few other phones, the symptoms you are experiencing would normally indicate that network settings are incorrect at Red Pocket, and that may be true for you. In that instance, letting Support know about the issue would be advised. In the meantime, try Profile updates periodically, in case this is an issue that CN/RP is already aware of.

(Edit: humm.... looking at your details again: the line with 3G, but no LTE, is possibly a good candidate for the problem I mentioned with the G4. The line with no 3G or LTE may more likely be a network settings issue, since I think 3G would still work with the wrong APN. Or maybe I've got that backwards.......)

Yes others have had the same issues. I too think it is something to do with the apn but not sure what can be done about it. I was helping someone with a ex virgin phone that didn't seem to have the redpocket apn I have in my working phone but there was no way to add it even via the change apn app. Probably needs to be pushed through by cellnuvo/redpocket for their phone if that is even possible. A factory reset hasn't been tried.

I agree with KentE here. In my case, upon switching to Tello from Ting, I had to download the "Change APN" app, run it once on my Moto G4, then I got 4G LTE. Before running app, I had only 3G on Tello, even though I had 4G LTE on Ting. Go figure. After getting 4G LTE, I uninstalled app. See Domain Suspension for instructions that I followed.

Hey KentE, thanks for the reply. After doing some quick searches on the RingPlus Social forums, it looks like that could be a solution for the one line. The issue is I guess I need the Red Pocket / CellNuvo APN settings so that I can edit it? I'm not the best at this stuff, but have learned a lot since my days at RinigPlus with Moto E's.

I may sit on this for now and periodically do profile/PRL updates in the meantime. Maybe some others from around here could chime in if they think something might work to resolve this.

No APN-editing required. Just select the option in the app to reset APN, then you should be good to go. Makes no sense why that would work, but it did for me when transitioning from Ting to Tello on a Moto G4.

Yes we tried to enter in the redpocket apn and it didn't stick. So that doesn't seem to work anyway.

Thanks for the tip jamielih It is funny I remember that thread now but it didn't stick :lol:

Just downloaded the "Change APN" app and unfortunately when I launch it a white screen shows up with text that reads "Access Point Name settings are not available for this user". The forum post you linked mentioned pressing "reset to default" in the top right, but all I have is that message. Any thoughts?

EDIT: Both phones do this when launching the Change APN app.

My data just quit working on my note4, still works on my note2. No longer getting credits for ads, getting an ad that has a lock on it that locks the app and have to force close cellnuvo to to use phone again. Hope this is only part of the transition.

From memory, with Change APN. (I'm sure jamielih can comment if I'm right.) You don't need to change the APN settings to the correct ones, and in fact you cannot. IF the 3 dots menu shows at the top of the screen, just click on that and select Reset APN. The phone will then look to the network for the correct APN.
I think some users later had difficulty getting the app to function, and there was some question about whether or not an update to the G4 caused the app to not function.
If the 3-dot menu is not there, this app probably will not provide a fix.

I once had to reset the APNs when trying to activate 4G LTE on a sprint mvno.

I wonder if some of the Cellnuvo issues could be resolved with the app.

The 3 dot menu is not there, just that message.

So apparently there is just no way to reset the APN on our Moto G4's. The setting is hidden, and the apps can't access it anymore. The best I've gotten is typing ##DATA## and then I can view/edit APN settings. I'm not sure what I'd change anything to without knowing what Red Pickett's settings are. Maybe someone could provide a screen shot of their DATA menu APN settings screens?

Would a factory reset resolve this also?

I had the same issue, connect to 3G and dropping and reconnecting on Moto G4+. All the network resets, ## codes, profile update wouldn't fix it. Change APN wouldn't allow me to see or reset APN. You might be able to ##data# and edit the APN, but I finally just factory reset it and after it came up I had a data connection right away.

Good to hear that a factory reset worked. I will probably try that next rather than editing the APN settings. I'll report back with results later.

Factory reset worked to get data going again on one of the lines. Will try the same on the other tonight when I get home. Thanks for the input, everyone.

So how to reset the apn? Thanks.

What type of phone are you using?

Lg Volt

It always shows error connect to establish data connection. Then 3g pop up.