Dashboard, will cellnuvo put it back on?

The dashboard should be brought back on website or a new feature of the app or separate app

I can not be the only one that wants to see referrals and the promised 10%. Right now it is all guessing on what we are receiving

An online dashboard would also help relieve the concerns of those who have to re-install the app for any reason. I think we know (and understand) that the app only reflects central server info, but even here folks get very worried if they have to wipe/reinstall the app. A dashboard display would relieve that concern.

I know I was very concerned about losing my Gold when I had to re-install the app due to doing a factory reset. A website dashboard would be great.

Sure would help to keep track of what is earned and what is credited. Who could be against that?

Tom mentioned he wanted to be transparent. Putting the dashboard back on his website will go a long way with transparency