Daily Movie Theater Showings at 9.95/mo?

Edit: /mo is month not movie my mistake

Hello my wonderful friends,

If any of you have not seen this on the news or reddit, a sevice called movie pass is offering the subject line currently and is an amazing deal :slight_smile:


It is a great deal. But , evidently, one must subscribe, or use "chat", before one can see the list of theatres that participate, which 91% do according to the website. Looks as if their chat may be inundated for a while. Sounds as if they're going to make money from their App by collecting user data.

****Just found this and do not know if it works: "you can check theater list from below link without subscribing. Just change the zip code." Edit: see next post below.


Rep stated map is down "due to traffic" and that link just redirects to main page. No real surprise there, but I bought one anyway so we will see how it goes. Id rather have this be a $10 lesson then miss the "golden ticket".

Yes--if the 91% statement holds true, you should be able to find theaters to use it at, provided that you do not live in a very small town with only an independent theater.

Just read posts from the website support page. Chat seems to be broken and some people interested in signing up want to know what the 91% and 9% of theaters are before they sign up. Some think it is fishy that a company that must have a database with participating and non participating theaters will not post it before requiring people to sign up or chat with someone. As "sovashadow" mentioned, signing up without knowing would, at worst, be a $10 lesson.

Well AMC Theaters if not included in that 9% are definitely now.

I did find an interesting link to their website that lists several theaters nearby with the provided inputed zip at the end of the link. However this may not be up to date so YMMV


This does seem very interesting.

"MoviePass re-sells the tickets to customers and purchases them at full price using a MasterCard debit card."

There may be a legal issue with reselling tickets in this way as AMC is investigating possible ways to block this.

From the consumer angle the "risk" seems minimal as there apparently is a two-week free trial which should allow adequate time to carefully review the Terms and Conditions and assess the consequences of AMC being able to prevent this going forward.


Obviously, unless MoviePass can find some way to make this work long term, the model will fail since the cash burn must be pretty significant.

There seems to be a lot of focus at present on controlling who gets to sell tickets to the final consumer. TicketMaster's new Verified Fan Program is part of this development.


Eureka---just found a link(the only one that has worked for me) to find out what theaters in m , or anyone's, zip code area accept MoviePass. Just about all of them do, as well as the art house theaters that I was worried about. Even if MoviePass goes under, or raises prices, quickly, one will have had a good deal.The following link may take a while to load. MoviePass Theaters List: Which Theaters Accept $10 Subscription

It looks like the price will go back to $30/mo after 12 months?

I never saw those terms anywhere. May you provide a source link to that statement?

I was just wondering if this is working well for you, though it's only been a bit more than a week? Thanks.


Funny you mention, I actually just received an email today from the movie pass company stating this,

Because this seems more and more legitimate, it'll be fun to use it when received of course.

Full Image Link here: https://image.ibb.co/fqtERk/dddddd.png

Thanks for the info. I tried to sign up yesterday and kept going around in a circle. The website now looks good and has all the info, but I did read the customer's posts and, like you, they have not received their cards. So the E-ticket method will have to do for now. I'll try to sign up again shortly. Great deal, still. Now if they would just throw in free popcorn. Here's a fellow who humorously shows how it sorta works: MoviePass Guide: How to Use the App and the Best and Worst Features

The best part of that link was when he went into the AMC lol

Absolutely! I successfully signed up my wife and myself yesterday. A big thumbs up.

I find it interesting that "Moviepass", a company that wants to disrupt and change for the better the way the movie going public and movie theaters interact, was for the most part clueless as to how many people would desire their $10 offer, which left them unprepared to deal with the large demand. Not the best of starts. I hope they do not lose too much money in a short time because they underestimated the demand.

Blast from movie theatres past: https://timeline.com/weegee-photos-infrared-movie-ec9734a9d63e

Since concessions are apparently a big source of revenue, maybe a scaled down McDonald's experience in every theatre would rescue theatres from their slow demise.

We are coming up (2027) on the century mark for the movie industry and the business is probably still very much in its infancy.

Consuming its product in movie theaters does, however, seem to on the way out.

For ages that was the only way to see a movie but nowadays all popular and even many niche movies are available in other formats to be enjoyed where and when it is convenient as opposed to having to go to a specific location at a set time.

Other than for those who want to see a movie on the big screen, before it is released in other formats, or just get out of the house for a few hours, it is hard to see movie theaters as being really "needed" on a large scale anymore.

The exact opposite is happening with live shows. Broadway is experiencing an incredible boom and ticket prices reflect that.

I think, in general, movie theaters are not needed, except for the handful of people who consider movie creation an Art form that in some cases must be seen on a larger screen, as well as a large population that need, for some peculiar reason, to see the handful of blockbuster movies( one's that gross $200 to $500 million at the box office )that are produced each year in a movie theater with a large screen. How the movie theater industry is going to survive when their seats are filled only a handful of times a year is anyone's guess. It is also a bit of a mystery as to why the Academy Awards are still televised when the viewership, albeit declining, contains but an insignificant segment of people that have seen some or most of the nominated movies. It looks as if it's just a matter of time before all movies will be viewed in places other than theaters and the Academy Awards will return to it's roots and no longer be televised. Things, they're a changin.

So to give anyone an idea of how swamped moviepass is with orders, I ordered mine the first day (like around lunch time) it was launched and it JUST came today... I know reviews say the card works but ill try sometime this week to see how effective it is for me.

While I am happy about finally receiving the card, the thread below just made my day neutral again.