Cox implementing 1TB limit

Got an email today saying if I exceed 1TB during the month, I will be charged $10 per 50Gb add-on. Fortunately, I am nowhere near that limit... but still... starting to look like Europe...

At the time I cut the cord our cable company had a limit of only 250GB.

Comcast has had a limit in place in some states for a while now.

Earlier they tried lower limits in some states and "helpful" consumer advocates got involved. Those limits disappeared for the moment at least and overall rates went up.:frowning:

1TB is a lot of data to consume. It is hard to imagine most users or families using that much much for any "fair use" purpose so it probably only impacts a very small number of users.

What if your house is a cyber cafe:whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:


I guess that is exactly the reason. You should be paying the business rate in that case.



What if it is a 1960's cyber cafe commune?