Competitive FreedomPop Data Rates

Currently, a lot of people are talking smack about the .99c FP plan that only includes 500mb of data and I honestly cant blame them on that. However, I do think that the following other plans below are at the very least a little enticing.

For people who only use data and/or have dual sim phones, this is a pretty sweet deal (assuming prices on FP do not lower anytime soon). Currently beats all other carriers within data pricing, but then again other carriers do not rely on VOIP calling.

YMMV: I have also confirmed that when you are "threatening" to downgrade on their automated system, they entice you to stay on that plan for double the data free on that particular month. It is definitely worth a shot on these plans because 11.99 a month for 4GB of data is insane. With all do respect however, your mileage may vary with that strategy.

I think at those prices, MintSIM comes into play.

I think people are more willing to rotate a few sims to get a higher data allotment rather than pay up.

You're probably right mmfacemm, I think more people would be on it as well if not for the year commitment.

Some thoughts:
All of the data rates are reasonable, if all you want is the data, including the bottom tier. Let's face it-- a lot of us would be all over this one if the free option wasn't there.

MintSim, or similar, is 'in play' at similar prices-- but it's not AT&T coverage, either.

The yearly bundle probably puts off some. The acquisition cost puts off some (you have to buy a new SIM & pay shipping.) The fact that a lot of folks are already working with multiple free accounts is probably the biggest roadblock.

On the positive side: these plans don't seem to come bundled with the free trials that have to be carefully cancelled. Some theorize that the random billing problems may not occur with paid accounts. It should buy you some security in ToS, since the ToS should be locked in at the date you sign up. (At this point, you effectively have a contract.) Does being on a paid account buy you access to premium support?

Whats the likelihood you guys think there will be cheaper rates than these on the infamous BF through (FP)? KentE is right with the part about ATT coverage. When I do travel cross-country, the only services I see work are based by either Verizon or ATT (mainly through middle US states). I have had both T-Mobile and Sprint based services during these spontaneous times and they both only worked for about 1/4 of the travel time...

To be fair: none of the services worked 100% of those travel times but verizon and att ones lasted much much longer.

I don't know if FreedomPop usually does a real Black Friday promo-- perhaps, but I'd expect it to be more of a token "special".
FreedomPop service is based on a series of continuous "special offers", and Black Friday is based on either marking up special deals from the manufacturer (still sold at a profit even at a low sales price), or getting you into the door in a shopping mood so you'll buy something else not on a doorbuster price. I don't think either of those scenarios plays out for FreedomPop.

Looking at the last couple of years, maybe we see SIM+ selfie stick for $0.25, or bonus (or unlimited) data for 1.5 months instead of 1 month. I didn't spot any long-term "special" plan offers, although I know there have been a couple of those true "special" plans offered at some point-- I don't know when, or if they were associated with BF..

Note that the screen shows that this is 500MB for a LTE SIM instead of 200MB free, so, effectively 300MB more for the $1. This also means instead of 700MB free, you get 1000MB for 99 cents. I think it's worth paying a buck vs shuffling SIM cards - if your need is within 1000mb a month.

With a dual SIM phone, it would mean almost 2000mb a month for $2/mo, not bad.

I guess 300mb for $1 isn't bad.

New 6 mo billing?

Good deal, if you need 2 GB / mo. Would be nice to have a 1 GB version for $6.99 / mo, 12-mo prepaid of $83.88.

Is Karl now at freedompop? This plan proliferation is most peculiar.

Once they receive stupid names, we'll know it's him for sure.