Coffee: "Good to the Last Drop"

The last drop may be tragically closer to hand than most of us realize. I have consumed some coffee that tasted like rust, whatever rust tastes like, but I only recently heard about the rust fungus that is destroying coffee trees bigtime, and will evidently continue to do so unless a cure is found. Robusta coffee trees are not so robust after all. A world without coffee would be a less energetic place.

This sort of thing has come up in discussion several times with friends because I have curiously asked what they think folks will go crazy about if/when the supply chains somehow get broken or the like...

Answers have varied all over the place as they thought of various drugs that folks depend upon like alcohol, tobacco & of course opiates, foods of all sorts, etc., etc., etc. .

But when I refined the query by adding that I meant to identify just a couple of daily use things that the largest number of adults in this country would be seriously missing I got better replies - makes for an interesting discussion, to be sure.

Here are my 2 suggestions:
Toilet tissue.

Those two things, in sufficient amounts, would likely be a bit more valuable than gold for a while IMO.

Any other thoughts of important stuff to suggest ?!?

Well, coffee and toilet tissue are both products derived from trees, and perhaps toilet tissue can be made from the dead coffee trees. One out of two isn't bad. And maybe the poster of the coffee enema posts on this forum's past coffee threads can come up with some hybrid solution. I would suggest water may be like gold some day, and coffee is of course better with water.

Agreed. And IMHO, water is of course much better with coffee!

Coffeeville ? The world's largest Starbucks is a wonder. Perhaps Starbucks will create something akin to Legoland or Disneyland and call it,???, Starbucksland, Beanworld (Beantown is taken), or what have you. Let's hope the coffee tree rust fungus that is spreading worldwide does not derail this coffee juggernaut.
"For customers, that means delivered Starbucks items mimic in-store quality thanks to re-engineered packaging and spill-proof lids, Johnson said. When drinks are delivered and handed to customers, "the beverage is the same temperature as if the barista just prepared it and handed it to them,"

Wow -- make mine a Venti Trenta with extra espresso, please!

Dark roast coffee might reduce risk of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, study suggests

Good to know. Dark roast has been my coffee preference for a long time. The bitterer the better for me, and all the better if it can reduce the risk of contracting Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease and hamper the progression of these diseases.

Is the bitter better when the butter side always falls down down?:evil: :evil:

Oops---I corrected my post where I meant to say bitterer, not bitter.
That said, although there is a butternut coffee, I know not how that relates to the butter side down hypothesis, but the answer to your question might be found in the below videos, when you have some time to kill.:slight_smile: