CN Trying to improve customer service?

Got a ticket closed followed by a survey. Gave the agent 1 out of 5 stars for not answering my question. :slight_smile:

Mine says resolved with resolution done. What they resolved and got done I don't know. Amazon I hope soon.

A guy named jack did the same to me. Mark who did it to you?

They asked me for new info. Say ty. Then a hour later did that to me. Can they still see you in the chat? Or do you have to start over?

They just ignored chat for me. Rude really.

Do I have to. Email to start a new chat

Yes jack.

Yep, Jack. Must be a ticket closing bot. :silly:

So can they still see you in chat. If it says resolved?

That is different then closed?

Doesn't jack read before he says resolved?

Just gets frustrating at times

Now you know how I feel.

Your ticket will still be closed even if you give a five star rating. Try it.

Ok not going down doom or gloom Rd with you

Just frustrating that jack said resolved

Jack doesn't seem to know jack, and he's certainly not the wonderful urban Jack.


Very nice. Was that Nietzsche's great grandson singing about the Eternal Recurrence?:dry:

I dunno - are they related ??

Glad you asked, because I had forgotten that Nietzsche did not have any children that we know of. But Nietzsche most likely would have considered this fellow as family, as far as he could consider anyone as family.

Off topic

Plus if I wanted to learn about Nietzsche. I would ask Jim Morrison. Not you

Same as it ever was...same as it ever was...same as it ever was...:

I always wonder about folks & what they must actually be like IRL when I see thinly veiled nastiness posted over & over by those same folks...are they really so miserable in person as well ??
(Probably best not to gain such knowledge, right ??)

AFAIK, this is a friendly, helpful place where folks gather & exchange words & ideas - and since it is gently moderated by the kind soul who provides it - most folks seem to post freely here rather than staying STRICTLY on topic.

I see that as a very fortunate gift of this forum as well as the really good folks who seem to comprise the majority here.

Sadly however, this is opposed/contrasted with the cowardly & threatening PM just sent to me after this a user with zero posts/threads of his own here...meh.

Well he did ask some serious questions back there that have been lost in the midst of music videos etc.

Sorry to hear you received a nasty pm though. Just report it to Hungry-Ghost.

Thanks for your kind thoughts Mmfacemm.

The serious topic & questions seem to be best answered thusly:
Appearances are too often manipulated with intent to deceive - which seems very obviously to be the cn M.O. (despite any appearance to the contrary ?!?).

Baffling indeed to get a blustery, nasty PM from a user here with ZERO of everything...?

It is so very easy to see the stats of users at most forums; why folks resort to any form of trolling when they must know that...unless:
They are just sock puppeting as was so often the case at the old rp forum ??

Well since you quoted me in the same post as you said you got a threatening pm. The inference is that it was me.

You should clear the air and say it was not me.

I never sent you a pm once. Nor will I

Dearest Lexusl21, no such inference was intended - as nothing is known about mr. or ms. zero stats except for a barely used username here.

Looking at your stats, it becomes quite obvious that you are a prliferous poster here:
Posts: 1122 Thank you received: 175
Thus (unless by stealth), you cannot possibly be to whom I was referring.

Best Wishes to You and Yours !!

Apparently sock puppetry is all the rage on phone forums these days. I was engaged in what I thought was a half serious debate on howardforums about cellnuvo that started off reasonable but ended up with the puppet master and his puppet turning the conversation sour. The puppet quoted the personal attacks by the master and then the master deleted all his original posts. All I guess to make sure the master would not be banned if caught. It being a long standing account and the puppet being a new account set up just to troll.

It seemed to have happened here too just before several people were banned - one of those banned certainly seemed like a puppet and was called out for it. It wouldn't surprise me if this fake new account involved in your nasty pm was made by one of them to try to stir up some trouble. I know they read this forum still and have some strange obsession with it all. They particularly hated both me and lexus.

Anyway who really knows. All sick games. All you can do is report it and Hungry-ghost can see various details about the account and attempt to prevent them doing it again.