CN new app bugs

I continue to just get the CN screen when I swipe. It just stays there... it worked for a few swipes in the afternoon after I first updated but not since after that.

I was having the same issue. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app and now it seems to be working. I don't think the app updated completely the first time.

OK, let me try that later.

That worked, but getting 0 points for matches. I guess I'll take a pause like the rest of the folks and check back next month.

Is swipe left (?) working for everyone for the Split-the-Pot entries? Mine worked when I first upgraded to 3.6, but I haven't gotten any ads since doing the update to 3.64, nor 3.65. My initial 3.6 install was a fresh reinstall, not an update-- but I've done the 2 releases since as updates without uninstalling/reinstalling.
Swipe right for the match games works for me.

Almost the same for me.

Since the updates my left swiping has been non existent.After today's update I kept swiping left and finally got a couple of ads. I don't know if the problem is the app or the dreaded end of quarter ad shortage.Of the ads I did get I got some 15 point Biltmore ads, but a lot more empty swipes.

Right swiping has a lot of ads though.

Thanks, puppydude. From the linked thread, I see that tech-stitch had improvement following reinstall and Google ID change, but that it didn't seem to help you. I guess I'll give that a try, despite mixed reports of success.

Today and last night, for us, the left swiping has been hit or miss. You get several adds in a row and then empty swipes. Closing the app and opening it again seems to produce some temporary improvement. I have gotten 3 types of 15 point ads (Two tobacco ones and Biltmore). I have noticed that some phones will get just 15 pt ads (meaning empty swipes the rest of the way) while the others are giving a mix thus much faster to get one's entries. In fact, while testing with all the same time, I had one go over 15 left swipes before producing an ad.

Right swiping is working very well on all phones we have with the exception of the brief periods of nothing and then plenty again. I guess they are still working the issues out or there are shortages when swiping left. For now, I just do a mix to keep things going when it dries out on "either side".

Zero points for number matches mean that you did not run though at least one ad before hitting it (sometimes it happens) while for sure if you have matched a number several times in a row. It seems the count of points is proportionate to the number of ads you receive that did not have a point match. So, if you get a match starting out, you may get 1 point. If you get another match right after, you would likely get zero. If you go trough 5 ads that did not match a number and hit a number, you would likely see 5 points (typical for us) or more (less likely).

I think that is the whole point of this new set up that when ad periods are slow then you can right swipe and get something. Seems to be working as it is supposed to in that respect. Different people will get different ads too.

I haven't figured out the match game bonus points. It probably factors in how many are playing as well so if 20 people don't match anything and then you match a number you are likely to get a higher bonus than if just you and I are playing. Can't see any of that though so it looks pretty random.

Yep, that is my guess as well, as I have not been able to fully understand it. Just the patterns of the zero points is what I have seen when one starts out with an instant match or several matches back to back.

I guess the new app halfway works cause I won a split the pot.

Sweet! Congratulations!

If only they would get rid of the dang popup after every swipe :frowning:

Also, on all of our phones we get a pause after every swipe that doesn't show an ad that shows just a screen with the CellNuvo logo in the center. Sometimes it will move on to the main screen after a couple of seconds and sometimes it stays there until there is another swipe to go back to the main screen. In either case an immediate swipe will move it on faster than waiting. The issue is present on all of our phones, 2 Moto X Pures and an LG G3 and an LG G2 and a Galaxy Note. I think that is even more of an annoying that the popup. I sure hope they fix both issues, and soon!!!

I believe that the screen with the CN logo in the center might be intended to be part of an in-app ad, with a static ad appearing in the blank area. At least on my device that previously got nothing when swiping left, I'm now seeing that screen for most swipes, with a non-paying static ad. When swiping left, I get a Split-the-Pot entry number for each such ad, but no points.
If/when displaying ads, I'm not certain what effect it will have in the match game.

I haven't seen even 1 app come up on that screen. Might reset the ad ID again to see if it makes a difference.

Bottom line for us, and my whole family agrees, is that they turned something fun into a real chore with less benefit than when it was fun. Especially now that we can't even use it for it's original purpose, PAY THE CELLULAR BILL!!!

Yep. App is ruined imho