CN change of terms for PAYGO

"$5 PayGo Credit valid for 15 days. $0.10 per minute or SMS message"

So looks like we are on $10/mo or 10 gold a month. Lots of swiping!

If the min monthly is $10, we might be better off going with the $10/mo 500/500/500 plan.

UPDATE: False alarm... My line is under the "$5 Cell Nuvo" plan, which is probably not the same as the refill plans shown on the refill page.

see for the infinite paygo plan details. Pretty much same as before. Redpocket info isn't correct.

Has this caused your pocket to be gored?

You are right, I signed on RedPocket to look at account details and it shows "$5 Cell Nuvo" as the plan. Definitely different than the$5 Red Pocket plan.

Just realized that CN Red Pocket (with the 0 gold Infinity Plan) is actually cheaper than Tello!
So even if I don't have time to swipe and topped up with money, it's still a better deal.

Voice calls: Tello 3 cents, CN RP = 20 silver = 2 cents
SMS: Tello 1 cent, CN RP = 2 silver = 0.2 cents

I used the first link, entered a number, and as expected it says Cell Nuvo $5 PayGo.

In other threads I see people posting more details of their account: dates and how much is left of their PAYG allotments. What's the link to do that? (If there is one, without first having to register with RedPocket, which I don't think I wanna do.)

Thanks, is there a default password or do I have to click "Create an account" first?

I made an account a month ago