CN cash flow problem

Just got an email reply that said because customers were engaged in "abusive" behavior, top ups are currently limited to once per month with max of $50. Sounds to me like a cash flow problem. So I guess I'll be topping up $50 later this month.

At least u got a reply. They closed my ticket as resolved. Started a new one 4 days ago. No reply. Abusive spending your own money (gold) . Bs

CN could at least make it just "$50 maximum" instead of "once per month" at $50 max. Hard to stack Red Pocket credits with this new limitation.

I agree is probably cash flow problem. That's too bad, just when I thought CN is getting their acts together. I guess I may need to switch one of the lines to Tello after all.

Yes I have a block on one of my accounts today. No refills done this month...

I was told they would revaluate this new limit mid January.

Could be cash flow. Not sure how one can "abuse" the system. There was one report a couple of weeks back talking about how they cleared out their account and was encouraging others to do so. Not desirable for cellnuvo but I wouldn't call that abuse since it is his gold he was redeeming.

It almost seems like the email is saying that to exceed once per month or to exceed $50 is to abuse the privelege of spending your earnings.

I think that's complete BS, but if that's what they meant then 11 outta the 16 folks mentioned here...

...engaged in "abusive" behavior. Wow. Rather than getting carried away, let's just state the obvious: whoever wrote that email and made that policy will never succeed in any honest business anywhere.

CellNUVO, have you no shame???!!!

Moderator. please change the title of this thread to...

Ponzi Scheme Confirmed

Yep, $50 cap does not make sense for a single person with an unlimited plan from the Big 4... Sprint charges $60, Verizon would be lots more.

Should just pay us in Dogecoins. ;p

BTW, less than 150 posts to #20k!

I got the same email hoping that they got my second phone switched to the essential plan, but no I get scolded for trying more than one topup through the app. Wouldn't need to do that if they got things right the first time. Edit: After replying to the email I got an email back that said status changed to waiting for support.

Yup just got the reply on my resolved ticket.

Thank you so much for using CellNUVO, unfortunately because some users have engaged in behavior that is abusive, we have had to instill a temporary new rule to protect our customers, as such customers can top up once a month for a total of $50. This is only temporary, and will be updated mid January.
Thank you.

Well $50 a month isn't peanuts but yes I want unlimited redemptions like the next person. If they were going to limit it they should have done it right from the beginning instead of making it feel like they are taking unlimited redemptions away from us.

There are also some issues with the details... I don't think allowing only one redemption per month is right - personally I have been paying two accounts from one of mine. I would also like to stack multiple $10 top ups as well if I was to keep my redpocket line going. I don't want to have to spend the time trying to top up once a month especially when they are not consistently working.

And issues with the application... since I am already blocked and yet it is the 2nd Jan and I have made no top ups this month.

I got scolded too - I've submitted a few extra attempts when others failed. That may be what the issue is but that isn't the user's fault.


How it works:

CellNUVO works the way you do. No limits!

The $50 max sounds like cash-flow control.
Limiting the number of transfers may be an attempt to reduce backlog of requests, since we're assuming each has to followed up on manually.
(i.e., multiple 10gold transfers from one individual may make it hard to get to everyone waiting....... for the record, I have no issue with stacking up Red Pockets payments, but it would be nice if everyone could get at least one payment through to keep phones working, and maybe this will help.)

Hopefully, the limit on number of monthly transfers will go up, so that we can refill 2 lines from a single CN account. For all but a few, the $50 max isn't really an issue: even with 300 Gold, you're looking at 6 months to use it up if you don't swipe anymore.

Kent, many intelligent folks have been saying it's a Ponzi Scheme for quite awhile. As more and more evidence mounts, what would it take for you to finally understand?

It's completely contradictory to what says. That wasn't written by some random person. It was written by the same person who has now imposed a limit. Do you get it yet?

It’s like banks. If all of their customers were demanding all of their money back, banks would have problems with the demands too. Would soon limiting the amount to be withdrawned as banks had done I believe during the Depression period.

If we want CN to succeed, we have to be considerate and patience. Try not to overwhelm Its system and resources. I’ll let all need to cash their golds do first. Am holding onto my golds. As said before, as long as Red Pockets don’t drain my golds, I can wait.

Best for CN to find reliable cell partner that has PAYG plans than having to pay all 4 major carriers or monthly plans on RP. Too time consuming and complex IMO.

Right. So we'll put you down for thinking Amazon might happen one day, too. Yeah, that Amazon.

I think all of us would have to agree, if an elderly relative started talking about stuff like this we'd worry about them night and day cuz they'd fall for some random Ponzi Scheme. Sometimes people, especially the easily confused, need our help. At least for this, it's just a few Gold. (Please tell me nobody has hundreds of them!)

That's why I said no amazon soooon. Everybody would cash out at one time. Including me

Well remember, Mark, Amazon could be done with a simple phonecall to

Everything would be completely automated. Kent doesn't seem to understand that the current system isn't automated on purpose. If it were automated the "checks" would bounce.

If Amazon integration ever happens then this redemption limit will become even tighter I'd imagine--$5 to $10/month or something.

So what happened to the money? The adviews DO create CellNUVO's revenue stream.

It went...somewhere...