Closing the app during the "first 20"

Don't close the app before you finish all your "first 20" swipes of the day (the ones that get you the bowling-a-spare points that Chelle so succinctly explained).

Today I got a few Monopoly ads first and those credited as expected at 30 silver. Then I wasn't getting any ads at all so I closed the app. After I opened the app after a while, I got a Monopoly ad again, but instead of 30, it only credited at 15. I still didn't catch on, and when there were no ads after several swipes, I closed the app again. After I opened it, another Monopoly ad, but this one too only gave me 15. This time, I wised up and left the app open, came back after a while, and the next Monopoly ad gave me the correct 30 silver.

[CellNuvo veterans here probably already know this, but newbie me noticed it only today so thought I'd pass it on].


I had noticed that but haven't paid too much attention to it. From now on I'll be sure to keep it open.

We all learn from each other.

One thing you learn quick here is no one knows all the quirks. The fact that this small community shares with each other is what makes this forum special.

Thanks for the heads up

I suspected that might be true, but hadn't confirmed it. If I plan on closing the app during the 'first 20', I do so after a 1-2 silver ad (even if that ad has a 15-silver 'bonus' stacked on it.) That way, you're only losing a 1-silver bonus.

The CN app crashed on me while attempting the swipe following a 15-silver ad, and I was upset that I was going to lose that 15 silver bonus on the next ad. After restarting, I still got the bonus on the next ad. So it appears that closing the app may break the string, but crashing the app may not.