Hey all! Its been a while. I just want to clarify: does the app function fully? If i purchase the 5 gold plan, will it work immediately with service?

Well things have certainly changed if you have been away for several months. Are you still rocking the cellnuvo $5 infinite plan? That was supposed to be discontinued at the end of last year but a few reported it still worked. The new app does not have an option to buy a $5 top up for that plan and I am not sure if the older apps will work. You could give it a try with an older app!

Most people have switched over to the $10 per month essential plan. It gives you 500mins/500texts/500mb. That is more than many of us want or need but it is the lowest they have from their standard plans. To switch you simply need to use the new app to pay $10 towards your redpocket account. Use your redpocket phone number as the account number. It takes up to 24 hours to process the payment. Sometimes you may need to wait up to 48 hours. But they are going through. They seem to have gotten their act together with the redpocket payments for most.

If you have lost service / numbers you may have issues getting the account up and running again. That has been one of the main problems people have complained about.

Thanks! But where do I find my redpocket phone number?

When was the last time you used it. Does your phone still work? If so the number will be in your phone settings.

It should be your old cellnuvo number if still active or a temp number assigned to you during the cellnuvo- redpocket switch over or you could have no number and your account is expired.

i think as long as your phone is tied to redpocket's servers it shouldnt been too hard to re-activate. to check the current phone number on your phone go to settings>about phone>status, the number that's on the device shows up there

I just chatted with redpocket and they told me that my account is closed. Does this mean that I loose all my gold?

i'm honestly not sure, i think that as long as you still have the app you should be fine. they changed the way you sign in to the app, now you have to enter your email that was previously used to sign up with cellnuvo. You get a one time password to sign in sent to that email, and it saves the amount of gold you earned.

No you have not lost any gold. The app works independently now from the cell line. Basically cellnuvo are no longer involved in providing cellular service and are just a payment method.

You could open up a new repocket line and use your gold to pay for it gong forward. Usually when signing up for a new line you have to pay for the first top up with a credit card. I'd try redpocket support first to see if they would open an account for you first and get you a number without a top up.

You can also use your gold to pay for tmob/sprint/att/verizon if you have an account directly with them (not mvnos)

@mmfacemm, Can I use one phone to top up 3 redpocket phone accounts per month? I wouldn't be going over the $50.00 limit. Easier to use just one phone for swiping. Also it would be nice to buy the yearly $99.00 plan with one payment. Would save CN money and me some gold, but happy the way things are going right now.

I know someone who has done that and a couple here have mentioned they have made multiple small top ups a month. I think the system just stops you once you reach 50 but ymmv. Never tried it myself. The only way to find out is to try it. The wording in the notice seemed to imply just one top up a month regardless but I don't think that is the case.

Yes I'd prefer to buy the yearly plan too but unless they offer ebay gift cards we are stuck.

Thanks for the reply. The $99.00 yearly plan is actully offered as a refill option on redpockets mobile site, so I don't think I would be dealing with ebay, but until CN lifts the $50.00 limit that probably won't work. My plans don't run out until next fall so things will change by then. The $99.00 yearly plan is the only option I have for refilling my plan. I would have to change plans to go to the monthly essentials plan.

It is? Is this on a line you already bought a year plan for?

I only have the 30 day plan options on my lines.

I'll see what Tom has to say about it next time I need to email him. He may let you refill $99. That would be awesome.

I have three of the yearly plans, two $99.00 and one $60.00, got good deals on them during some ebay discounts, plus I needed reliable service on our two primary lines during CNs troubles. All three lines show only the yearly refill option. I would have to choose a different plan to go to the monthly refill option.

That is good to know. I have a $60 plan I haven't used yet and it would be nice if I could renew that with cellnuvo gold.

Seems like the only thing stopping it is the $50 limit but cellnuvo support may be willing to do it manually.

Interesting......I have 2 lines with Redpocket (CDMA, and a GSMT- which i paid for initially myself). The 1 year $100 refill option is availble on the CDMA account but not on the GSMT. I would love to pay for the 1 year refill with gold if they would allow it.

Would probably have to wait untill my final month on the plans to try a refill unless they would give us a code to use when that time comes. I think I will have a chat with redpocket to see how they would handle that.

Plan options available under "Choose a different plan"...for me anyway!
$150.00 - 90 Day- Unlimited Everything (10GB/mo @ 4G LTE)
$100.00 - 365 Day- PayGo Plan
$90.00 - 90 Day- Unlimited Everything (4GB/mo @ 4G LTE)
$60.00 - 30 Day- Unlimited Everything (10GB@4G LTE)
$50.00 - 180 Day- PayGo Plan
$45.00 - 30 Day- Unlimited Everything (5GB@4G LTE)
$45.00 - 90 Day- 1000 Minutes, 1000 Texts & 1GB@4G LTE
$30.00 - 30 Day- Unlimited Everything (3GB@ 4G LTE)
$30.00 - 90 Day- 500 Minutes & 500 Messages
$25.00 - 90 Day- PayGo Plan
$25.00 - 30 Day- Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 1.5GB@4G LTE
$19.00 - 30 Day- Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 500MB@4G LTE
$15.00 - 30 Day- 1000 Minutes, 1000 Texts & 1GB@4G LTE
$10.00 - 30 Day- PayGo Plan
$10.00 - 30 Day- 500 Minutes, 500 Texts & 500MB@4G LTE

The $100.00 plan is a pay go plan, not the same as the $99.00 one year essential plan.

I have six 30 day plans only on tmobile and the same long list for verizon.

But yes catch is talking about special yearly plans that seem to be renewable once you have bought the first one. You can't buy them from redpocket direct in the first place as they sell them on ebay and amazon.

I wonder what rates the paygo plan is. Probably expensive.