CircleNet Paygo VOIP

Hello NthCircle folks,
My name is Sam and I own CirlceNet LLC. We're a small family owned VOIP and telcom solutions provider. I stopped by this forum and created an account at the request of some of the forum members who are also our customers.

I'm not here so much to advertise as I am to answer any questions about our products or services.

A little bit more about us:
We're awesome at providing top notch call termination and origination services at prices that will blow your socks off but we're lousy at sales and marketing. We provide inbound DIDs at $1.50 per month and $0.002 per minute with E911 and inbound CNAM and termination at sock blowing rates.

Thanks again guys,
CircleNet LLC

Could you please explain in layman terms?

Is this instead of landlines?


Sam, could you provide a link to your website so we can learn about this?
Some folks here will understand exactly what you're providing-- a lot of us probably don't understand enough to even ask valid questions without reading some.......

I second the motion! (Especially the part about understanding what this company is all about, and how it might benefit us as consumers...)

I just Googled CircleNet and here is the link to (what I think is) their home page:

Now if I could just figure out what ANY of that means! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that research!
As a novice who only knows a little..... (and hopefully someone with better knowledge will correct me.....Maybe ExtraTerrestrial_Zoologist, since he's mentioned CircleNet before in the forum, and seems well-schooled on fixed-location VoIP.)

Check out some of the ObiHai threads-- Obi's are VoIP devices, but don't directly include service that turns it into a working phone........(Phone number management & actually connecting you to the rest of the world.....)
Many use Google Voice for the 'working phone' part with an Obi, but another provider (like CircleNet) can do the same function, and apparently fill in some of the missing pieces from using Google Voice-- like E911 service.