Cheap upgrade for your old PC

Put your Windows and Swap on the SSD for a big boost in performance for $18!


sounds great but how do you clone your existing HD over to the SSD intact? And how long would that take? I heard that SSD performance is like 40% better right? My big concern is transferring every program and the operating system intact

Move your Windows 10:

Move your page (swap) files only:

I was wondering the same.

This seems like a good tutorial:

PC Magazine: How to Copy Your Windows Installation to an SSD

I use win 7. Hate 10 and won't mention 8

Not just good for windows users !!
Linux works fine from SSDs as well.

Best transfer tool (& not an affiliate or referral link) :

Macrium Reflect clones perfectly well & easily with the free version:
Quoting the description=>

In the bottom of the pop-up download box here - no email required: