Cheap home internet - please help

Please suggest cheap home internet. Something like 4gcommunity, or along those lines, or aything that is cheap. I’ve moved to a town where home internet is very expensive and they also want my social security number before they will sign me up. Having grown up on prepaid, I feel violated to be asked for my social! And having paid only around 30 bucks a month for home internet, I find this town’s $70-a-month rates for lowest-tier internet too expensive. I remembered reading about a later incarnation of 4gcommunity here on this forum, so did a search and went to Jump Mobile, but they are shutting down as of Aug 31. Hopefully folks here will be able to suggest something soon! Can’t make do with McDonalds’ wifi for much longer! Thank you.

I wouldnt suggest the ladder of
4GC successors as that becomes a "fool me once/twice" situation. The only reasonably priced unlimited internet I know of is tello with their cheapest unlimited 2G option. For faster speeds, I am not sure there is much left aside from what is suggested with as they are the people who are dedicated to finding the cheapest truly unlimited internet on the go.

There is a thread of of low cost internet.
earthlink starts at $39.95 without the low income discount.
I think Wild blue does as well. Wow internet was giving spectrum fits over it's great pricing a couple of years ago. in my neighborhood.
I was also able to team up with neighbors and share a connection. Or find an open one.

Here you go Visible | It's Phone Service. In An App.
$40/mo all-in for unlimited data, messages, and minutes.
I saw this invite code posted on their google search page if you need one. Please let us know if it works.
EDIT I just dug a bit deeper into the visible website. Looks like only iphones are supported. No androrid phones yet,

"Why do only some phones work with Visible?

I don't know how much data you need but if you can get by with 10GB/mo you should sign up for Sprint Kickstart which is available beginning this Friday.

It's $25/mo for unlimited everything with 10GB of high speed hotspot. It's a postpaid plan, though, so they'll want your social security number to do a credit check.

If you need unlimited you should look at It's less than $40/mo and they use AT&T"s wired infrastructure.

Another possibility is to sign up for AT&T's Connected Car plan.

It's unlimited internet for $20/mo.

It'll work with cars that have WiFi built in or it'll work if you buy a device like a ZTE "Mobley" that plugs into the OBD2 diagnostic port in your car.

Some have purchased a Mobley and have rigged them to work in the house instead of in the car.

So, a $99 device and $20/mo gets you unlimited internet (with deprioritization possible after 22GB).

From my understanding there are no more mobley activations only the new cars with this prebuilt functionality are eligible...

How much is satellite internet?

I highly recommend als post on low-cost internet, if you should happen to be in an area served and qualify for special plans. (Linked in als first reply above.)

This informative thread has already presented the best options, but, I might add, a temporary, or even longer, solution for internet might be to buy one of the many 30 or 60 day prepaid sims listed on ebay where you can get adequate internet, depending on your needs, for $20 to $30 a month. And if you use Google voice or don't care about getting a different phone number each month, you could buy a new sim each month to continue having internet. Some time ago I purchased a 30 day T-Mobile sim for $22 that provided unlimited talk/text/and 4G data up to 50Gigs before possible throttling, but using the phone as a hotspot only provided 3G speeds. Yet I was quite pleased with what I got for $22. Anyway, it might be worth a look for a temporary fix. It would be wise to vett the seller before purchasing

Spectrum has Internet assist for $14.99 per month
You get 30mb speed and its unlimited data

The trick is to get them to offer it to you
I was with spectrum, then quit them for another company
Then 2 months later they offered me the $14.99 plan to get me back

Any similar deals on Cox?