Charged...any app to make beep/flash ??

Howdy Folks.
There is a built-in feature in my ancient (Kitkat) LG Fuel MP3 player phone which is quite endearing=>
The button LED shows it is charging by colour, then when it is fully charged it makes a sound too.
Very handy as a reminder to unplug it !!

My newer devices do not come with anything like that, so I ask:
Will a kind soul here please educate me if there is any (hopefully ad-free) app that does stuff like that ??

Thanks for any helpful replies !!

You can set accubattery to give you a notification when charged. I think it gives it at 80% though. It is a free app. Probably similar battery apps that do the same.

The Moto has a flashing screen that shows charge or you can touch power button to see where charge is

I use these notifications apps. That use the screen. They both have a charging function.

1). Led blinker notifications gives you the opinion to have any color (red) for charging in any corner of the screen

  1. no led which uses icons or dots

Here's a link for a battery app(Free+no ads) that has notifications but I'm not sure about color changes. Good reviews on Google Play.

Thanks for your replies here Folks !!
The 2 devices I am mostly concerned with are my faithful LG Volt & a Tribute that is wifi-only.
(I very seldom use the Moto.)

Looks like the app suggested by Isamorph is truly a winner - Big Thanks Isamorph !!

The rest of this story...:
Before I asked here I had searched on word combos of battery, charge, LED, beep, flash & alarm - and did find some apps, but the many, many results were nebulous at best & most had ads - so I asked.

I did also find these which are almost - sort of - kind of what I asked here about:

Only that last app is specific to the LED - makes no sounds though, and is ad-free.

I need to head out of town soon to my 'office' (finally) and will have time to try this out when I get back.
Thanks Again Folks !!