Changing or adding a phone to use account & app query, please?

Hi Folks.
I still have the old phone that was used for CN, and it has the app active in it & showing my balance.

What I'd like to do now is either change to using the CN acc't & app onto a different phone - or if possible, add a the new phone as a 2nd user on that same account.

I'm sure this info is buried in another thread or 6 here, so sorry if this is a repeat, but I didn't stumble upon any search terms that brought up this info here when I looked.

Thanks for any helpful replies !!

  1. Install the app. Enter the code FREE or a referral code. They will email you a password to your registered email address.


  1. Install the app on the new phone. Enter code nuvo and follow the steps using the same info you signed up with. You'll need the MEID Dec of the old phone that you used to register in the first place.

Not possible. Only one phone can be active at a time.

Superb info - Thanks Very Much Mmfacemm !!
Now that I've taken the Blu off of TF, it is free to become a powered desk accessory.
Given its bigger screen I want to move the CN app to it soon.
It also amuses me endlessly that I will finally get some usage out of my FreedomPop account on the same device after so long with that SIM being dormant.

Thanks Again.

My galaxy S4 started crashing and freezing and it also lost sound. I tried a factory reset, and re-register for CN. Now my balance shows 0. Have I lost all the GOLD and SILVER?

Does anyone know what to do?

Did you make sure you used the same email address you originally signed up with when you re-registered? Did you use the NUVO code or the FREE one? If the nuvo one then try with the free one. I've done it several times and it worked everytime.

Otherwise you'll have to contact support. You shouldn't lose your gold/silver.

Yes, the same email address and I used FREE code (didn't try NUVO).

I will contact them.

Thank you.

I'd delete the app and try it again. If you know the MEID of the phone that you registered with originally then you could try the NUVO code.

Thank you!! I have my gold and silver back!!

Glad it worked out.