Cellphone Signal in Death Valley

We're going to be camping in Death Valley, for the next several days, and I'm not worried about that whole "Death" thing, nor am I concerned about the coyotes, rattle snakes, tarantulas, or scorpions.

I AM terrified of not having any cellphone signal during that time.

With no access to social media, how will my friends know what I ate for lunch, or what color I painted my nails? Can the world continue to function without such critical information?

I've done some Googling, but information from 2019 seems to be a bit sparse.

Do any of you have recent experiences with cellphone signal along route190 in Death Valley?


Welcome! There is still life without cell signal!
Breathe deep don't panic, forget the day to day hassles and enjoy!


Sorry, @Chelle, I don't have any useful tips other than perhaps zooming in as much as you can on your various providers' coverage maps to see what they look like.

Of course, if you really, truly, absolutely cannot live without a cell signal, you might want to pick a different destination that offers the same assortment of dangerous critters.

On a lighter note... no offense, but if what you wrote in your post is true, and I say this with the utmost respect, it might be time to join Cellphones Anonymous. :slight_smile:

Not new data Chelle sorry

Driving through I remember some signal. and it was HOT!

Spotty at best. "Furness Creek" seems to be your best bet for coverage, though it depends on what network, roaming access, etc. But, then, Death Valley's beautiful vastness will keep one away from the internet, even if you should need it.

Coyotes and Dingos Oh My!
We grabbed the opportunity to camp in the MacDonnell Ranges in Australia, taking one of several weeks break from our hop on hop off semi booked bus tour. We found an economical car rental, and picked up a tent at the local pawn shop. We spent an amazing week hiking through a national park with nobody there except the dingos and flies. We never saw another person the whole time we were there. The scenery was amazing. We always positioned our tent for a quick getaway to our rental-car just in case the hundreds of dingos attracted by our cooking got ugly.