Cellnuvo: What changes/addon would you like to see for 2019

Cellnuvo: What changes/addon would you like to see for 2019?

I would like to see

  1. extension of the 1 year 10% bonus. That Tom gave us for staying with cellnuvo during the cell service fiasco.

  2. adding more company's that take cellnuvo gold. Such as a gift card seller

3). Allowing 100 gold per month to Amazon instead of banking for one time per year transfer.

  1. increasing the 100 gold limit per month.

  2. new website or app addition that shows your refferal people. Like the old website

What would you like to see? Please stay on topic

My wish list is simple. I'd like to see even more choices for provider payments on the next version. Maybe Unreal? Straight Talk? Tracfone? Tello (even though that ship has already sailed)?

All good ideas so far.

Decreasing the time for amazon payments back down to something more reasonable like a week. 2-3 weeks is a long time.

To be able to contact support by referencing the email not the cellnuvo account number.

Special bonuses for achievements eg earn 1000 lifetime gold and get to redeem $150 a month rather than $100, refer 5 people and get a 50 gold bonus, come up with an idea that cellnuvo implements and get 10 gold etc.

Iphone app finally

Higher paying ads

Allow multiple phones on one account. That way a family could just have 1 account that all of their phones/apps are contributing to. That would allow making just 1 full payment any phone on the account instead of multiple payments from each phone.

Make any sense?

Paypal, so we can buy used phones on swappa.

#1 on my wish list:
An updated website that gives clear directions on how to transfer Gold to the various accepted providers, and better explanations for newcomers. (Thanks to everyone who has shared details regarding how it works with a range of providers! How does someone figure it all out without the advice here?)

Need higher paying ads so I can buy latest iphone

It would be nice if, in a similar fashion as Amazon gift card purchases, Cellnuvo allowed payments toward prepaid debit cards. Cellnvo could specify a maximum amount redeemable and let people cash out when ready. The purchase charge for the card(s) would, of course, be included in the amount of gold redeemed. By allowing this, people can buy what they want from whomever they want.

PayPal or at least make it to eBay.

Tello, project fi

I hope that FreedomPop will offer unlimited 128 kbps data for $4 per month, and cellnuvo can pay for it.