CellNUVO Update

I will start with this - if you have a question with the app or anything support related, please email support@cellnuvo.com. This thread is not a support thread.

We have revamped our support team, and I think they are doing awesome, so they are way better equipped to answer your emails - email them and it’ll get addressed (if it doesn’t get addressed you can always email me and I’ll look into it. Tom@cellnuvo.com)

So it’s been some time since I was able to get on and post - I wasn’t avoiding, just swamped. Crazy swamped

But we talk every week at our senior staff meeting about comments made here, and for those that track changes, I think you’ll see we listen to what’s said - the input is great. Thank you. More please?

If you saw we have added some more options in our store - all 100% user driven. Now the not so good news....some folks suggested some carriers and we have called them... And emailed. And called And faxed. And called. But to no avail. They are fine doing their thing and don’t want to change to accommodate you, but, we will eventually get them on board with you. It’s like they say “hard is easy, impossible takes a little more time”

We will get it done

Your gold can get you a phone on amazon.

We removed the one person one account setting

But now.... I can hear you. I actually have nightmares about this....you ready????

“TOM. iPhone!?!?!!!?!?”

If I could do it, I’d post an emoji of head banging against a wall

Yes. We hear you. We know. We WANT iPhone too. But we needed to do some back end work that took about 98 parsecs.

Now...we are updating the existing app And after that iPhone will be close on its heels.

To the new version of the app- it’s really great

More Bigger. Better. Faster

Daily rewards. Jackpots. Winners every day.

Finally - we can offer more rewards when we have more users. Better payouts more better paying video etc. I need you to go give us a WRITTEN google review I can’t tell you what to say, I can’t tell you how many stars to give, but write a well thought out review that represents your feelings about what we are doing

And please let us help you earn more - referral codes users are killing it. Go use them to get more for yourself. You deserve it


Thanks Tom

"To the new version of the app- it’s really great"

When is this due out?

It should be very easy for tell to accommodate us. Remember tello has a promotional code system? It can give out promotional codes to guest for price discount.

Tello can do this: uses a computer to generate a random promotional code and sells it to cellnuvo for ten dollars, cellnuvo sends the code to a member who tenders ten golds, such member presents the code to tello for 10 dollars of credits. Tello can even make it a match program, say, at least 25% of payment must come from member's credit card directly. It is easy and good for tello business.

Who will use an iPhone to swipe for golds? I use an $8 maven 3.

Is there still 1phone/year limitation? Please remove it!
Or at least, change it to amount of high end phone, like 800 or 1000 gold a year.
I just redeemed a 1xx gold phone before such rule came out, now I cannot buy phone in next 8 months? If you had announced it earlier, I would have arranged more gold for much expensive phone

If you read all the comments here and discuss them at your weekly senior staff meeting, then you'd know that an iPhone app is never mentioned here.

So why are you writing as if it is the most talked about request? LOL.

An iPhone app used to be mentioned frequently as a 'want' here. It's probably fallen off the usual topics in this forum since most of us have accepted that it's less important than some of the critical improvements we've been hoping for, and seeing. (And most of us understand we can swipe on a different phone, and likely have a spare/older phone sitting around.)
And of course, requests directly to CellNuvo may not always exactly parallel the "most wished for" changes mentioned here.

I'm an Android user, so no anxiety from me waiting for an iPhone app.

Tom, or anyone who is less foggy than I am today.......
Can someone explain to me this from Tom?
"We removed the one person one account setting."

You are making big promises about what will happen in the future / "soon" to get people excited. Then you ask for reviews on Google before any of those features are implemented or before any of the promised earning improvements materialize.

Funny how you found the time to communicate with your users for the first time in over 9 months when you needed Google reviews but not when you lost their numbers or when they had no service.

Logan it is obvious you are JT. We've all had enough of it. Just take a hint - like two banned accounts - and get lost.

I used iPhone as my daily phone. Got it when Virgin was having a special 8 cents a month promo unlimited everything. No taxes or fees...just 8 cents a month! Would definitely download CN app on it when it's available. Developing app for Apple is harder as it has stricter guidelines than android.This is a good way for CN to expand its market. Businesses have to think forward, the ever quest for improvements iPhones dominates the market....just look on eBay, Craiglist, Swappa. I use both formats. I like both really. I like iPhone for its security and consistency and Android phones for their flexibility and choices.

One thing I'd like to suggest to Tom and CN is to give a bonus like 200-500 silvers when someone uses the referral codes versus "free" code. Make it easier to refer someone to CN. Just a suggestion if it's not too complicated to implement.

Jt has many sock puppets it seems.

Why are you attacking Tom?

Did you not get your free phone yet?

Having a fruitful conversation with Tom is important for all of us. They do listen it seems and and willing to take our ideas. So when Logan or JTS or any troll tries to ruin that it is wrong and unfair to the rest of the group.

Why would Tom want to come back if all that's going to happen is that he gets attacked?. If Logan or anyone has a main issue with they should email him maybe they can talk on the phone. But to bring it to a board to ruin it for everybody is obscene imho

Min - we set parameters when we launch new features. We are continuously looking at trends and reevaluating Because there is a parameter today does not mean it will exist in perpetuity

Here - no. But not everyone who reads these posts, many email is directly, so that is intended to address those that email us

Logan - nowhere did I say that our updates are contingent on anything. Not reviews or user growth. We are making them regardless of anything else. If you misunderstood my post I am sorry, I would be more than happy to clarify if needed

Yeah - it’s been nine months. We (us and you) weathered a storm and I, along with our entire team, was inundated We had a partner that just locked their doors, we had to scramble quickly to fill that hole. If you have any issue with our support staff not assisting you, please email me and let me know. We QC our support system, but we don’t know everything, if something is broke let me know and I’ll work to fix it. My email is tom@cellnuvo.com Feel free to email me

Constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome, attacks, however are not.

We will talk about this. We want you to get referral credits by using your unique referral code, perhaps there is a way to implement. Thanks for brining this up

Simply stating facts is not an attack.

Radio silence to your customers for nine months is a fact, and an unacceptable way to behave. Actions speak louder than words.

You first said the iPhone app would be available "soon" in 2015. That's TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO!

You repeated that claim ("soon") multiple times, for example in August 2017 and December 2017.

Actions speak louder than words.