CellNUVO Transcripts ONLY no comments please

I think it would be useful to be able to see communications between nth circle members and cellnuvo in one place.
Current cellnuvo members can see whats up and what may or may not be working,
Prospective cellnuvo clients can see for themselves what is going on.
Please post transcripts only. and A LINK to the topic where your transcript is discussed ( edited for clarity)save your comments for the meany already open topics
I'll start off with my transcript of conversation .with cellnuvo https://www.nthcircle.com/forum/cellnuvo/1155-no-payment-has-gone-through-so-far?start=70

als "Please resolve nth circle member, hungry hogs repeated attempts to fund his Redpocket account with his his existing golds.
I am a prospective customer, but will not throw valuable effort into amassing golds until hungry hogs issues are resolved.

Thank You,
Nth circle member"

Re: CSR-678 Hungry hog unresolved red pocket gold top up
CellNUVO commented:

Please have hungry hog create a service ticket to address their issue-
thank you and happy holidays!

als "Hungry- hogs Latest ticket CSR-582 Re: top up was closed by support while His issue was never resolved.
Please Do Not close this ticket.

HUngry hog reports on nth circle forum that
"I did all of these before.
After I lost my original phone number, I went without for a while, then mmfacemm reported a successful topup, so I reactivated my account to need initial refill status, but topup with redpocket account number did not go through and cellnuvo robots did not bother to read my emails. When Mark reported requirement of phone number for topup, I topped up with phone number and my ticket was marked resolved and done before my redpocket line was closed, then my ticket was closed.

I am full of frustration, hatred, and disgust now. There is no way that I will go through that like a dumbass again. I simply cannot take this shit anymore. If it plays dumb again I don't know what is next. If cellnuvo has any integrity in doing business, it shall get me a local phone number and fund it instead of making me run around the circle like a fool. After all, it is its fault, and it can fix it easily."

CellNUVO commented:

Responded on CSR-700 Waiting for customer with:
I looked back at CSR-582 Closed CLOSED and I'm not sure how that ticket was closed without resolution. Please have the customer fill out a new customer service request so I may assist as I am unable to open a closed ticket. Looking at his number, it is showing closed on Red Pocket so to begin he will have to contact them to get an active number, then I can give steps to refill the number using the earned gold he has. Thank you.
CellNUVO is unable to assign phone numbers but once you have an active number, I can make sure you have all the information you need to top up. I hope we are able to remedy this for you. Thank you so much.

als responded
"Thanks for your prompt response, and thanks for taking the time to look thru CSR-676 Hungry-hog.
Do you have any way to facilitate a 3 way conversation with redpocket and Hungry-hog?
His redpocket account was closed due to the delay in cellnuvo crediting golds to his redpocket account, , after many reported attempts to top up his red pocket account with cell nuvo gold.
. Can you facilitate all parties getting together, activating a repocket account and funding that account from his cellnuvo golds? and resolving this once and for all?
Hungry-hog is understandably frustrated. It shows in his comments on nth circle, a public forum. I'm copying the last page of his comments along with the link if you would like to get a feel for the level of frustration this person is experiencing. along with a link to his comments.
Thank you again for your response. Hungry hog has over 200 comments just since Dec 2 on nth circle regarding his frustration trying to pay for his redpocket account with cellnuvo golds.
All us nth circle forum members would appreciate anything you can do to assist hungry hog.
Thank You"

CellNUVO commented:

I truly want to help hungry hog out- they will have to fill out a customer service request as I cannot engage in third party conversation regarding a customer's account. Thank you so much.

als responded
"OK . Just to confirm I understand correctly so I can pass on this valuable information to Hungry-hog by posting message on the nth circle forum.

Hungry hog Has to open up Another customer service request? and start all over again? Even after other unsuccessful attempts
Hungry hog will have to open Another support ticket with Red pocket to get his closed line reopened.
Hungry- hog will have to be the one to coordinate and make sure that cellnuvo funds his redpocket account within the time frame given by redpocket so his redpocket account is not closed again ?

A Couple of questions from me then, as I am considering cellnuvo for myself.
Does cellnuvo currently support payments to all of the big four and all of the mvno's?
If not , which cell service providers does cellnuvo currently support?
How long does it take from the time I request payment from my cellnuvo golds for payment to show up credited in my service provider account?
If I have a Paygo cell service ( i.e. Tello), how do I topup my paygo account with gold.

CellNUVO commented:

If Hungry Hog does not currently have an open customer service request, yes he'll have to fill one out so I am communicating with him. If he does not have an active Red Pocket phone number/account, he'll have to contact their support at Red Pocket Mobile Contact us to speak with them. Once his account is active, he can request a top up through the cellnuvo app and he can always let me know he's made that request so I can check on it.

Currently, CellNUVO supports Red Pocket, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T (not yet Tello). Top ups can take 24 hours+ to process (sometimes 48-72 hours) from when it is requested through the app. Hope that helps- happy new year!

"Thanks for the information, and offer of help to Hungry-hog.

I will post this info on nth circle so that Hungry-hog can see it. along with the CSR-678 ticket number so he can reference it when he emails you.

Thank you for taking the time to respond and answer questions,

I know that all of us forum members at nth circle wish Hungry- hog the best in his quest to redeem his cellnuvo gold.

I'll bow out now,
Happy new Year,"

"Thank you so much for using CellNUVO, unfortunately because some users have engaged in behavior that is abusive, we have had to instill a temporary new rule to protect our customers, as such customers can top up once a month for a total of $50. This is only temporary, and will be updated mid January."