CellNuvo to Robinhood crypto anyone?

So the recent CN drought got me researching into the Robinhood thread that was posted here a few days ago. I know I for one am hooked on to making easy money that CN had the potential to provide. So I looked into Robinhood crypto. No minimums required, no commissions, no day trading restrictions, no waiting for trades to settle, 24 hour markets, an app like the CN app, and currency like Dogecoin available at 400 Dogecoin for just one dollar. My thinking is that if I put in as much effort as I have been putting into CN the last few months, it should be possible to make like 1 Gold = 1 buck every day (which is about what I have been averaging on CN) in a Robinhood crypto account. What do you guys think? Should we try swiping for crypto gold?!

Really don't think you can get a 1 gold a day on CN nowadays.

Not this week, anyway. With CellNuvo, it's all about long-term averages. I've averaged about a Gold/day for the last 50 days. (Without working hard at it.....)

The ad supplier is like a river with lows and highs.

Not cellnuvo's fault