CellNUVO Suggestion

Hey tomcellnuvo,

If you could add TruPhone on the list of mobile providers that we can add money too, that would be amazing!

Best Regards,

Great suggestion, @sovashadow!

I would also like to see Twigby added to the provider list. I e-mailed Tom and the Twigby support team to request it; it would be terrific if they could make it happen sooner than later.

Tom, Can you add Boom mobile to the list? I asked if they accepted third party payments and they said if I give them the company name and permission to do so they can add CN as a contact on the account and then CN could make third party payments.

For me, I'd like Mint Mobile added to the list. The yearly plans seem pretty good deal. Not sure if they'd accept third-party payment or not.

I recently asked support about adding Project Fi and Xfinity Mobile. They responded NO to Project Fi (unable to accept payment from CN), and maybe to X-Finity Mobile as a possibility in the future (but do not have a set date).

Please send an email to support@cellnuvo.com with carrier info

We are tracking all requests through there

So is Tello a definite no?