CellNuvo Referral Codes - Be Sure To Update

I will be picking one of the top contributors on this forum (you guys know who you are) as the one to receive the referral bonus on the account I have without one (our root account). This account should yield 8+ good per month since it makes 100 gold each month in between swipes and running contests. I will likely rotate this from time to time to share the gift. That said, be sure your referral codes are up to date on the referral thread within 10 days. Also, is not using CellNuvo, remove your code(s) to ensure the bonus will be put to good use.

Wow-- very generous, and a nice idea, tech-stitch!

Pick me! Pick me!

I just found my referral and posted it. I hope you post whomever you pick!

I'm definitely in for an entry in the tech-stitch-a-pot thanks

Just posted my referral code. Hope I win, but good luck to everyone who enters the contest.

Will the winner be notified by PM? I'll keep checking mine just in case. :slight_smile:

Extremely nice of you.

You are all welcome. This was an idea brought forth by mmfacemm on post #32148 and supported by KentE on post #32223. In fact, I was quite fond of the random acts of kindness comment by KentE. This world, as it stands, could certainly use more of that!

This was not done earlier because I had already secured a relatively high sum of gold on that account for the phone upgrade (the Samsung S9) and did not want to risk account drama with CellNuvo. Now that the order was placed and is expected to be paid out within a few days, I am ok with risking account drama should something go south.

The plan is use these few days to think back and make a decision on whom that first individual will be based on what I have seen within the forum as far as contributions (5 individuals come to mind right away). I do want to rotate as time goes by, as I know there are a few of you that contribute quite a bit here.

I do plan on sending a PM first to the individual selected and then announce.

Very cool

Maybe we should think of a secret Santa next year for one month

When a person gets selected there nane is removed or x out from the santa list

Much as I would love to be picked, I have to say that it's really too bad that @Isamorph isn't in the running due to the fact that he is not (I think!) involved with CellNUVO. He has been a most valuable contributor on a wide variety of topics. Perhaps he should get an Honorable Mention!

Very kind, D_D, and, you're right, I haven't used CellNuvo for ages. I have my health, I think, and that'll suffice.:slight_smile:


Due to the present uncertainty with CellNuvo and their ongoing updates, I am delaying the update to the referral to avoid account drama until they payout the Amazon phone order I placed. Thanks all for your patience!

The top 5 I had in mind have already posted here within this thread.

I do hope you get your phone soon! I would be fuming by now...

I almost completely forgot about this comment, but im glad in one way or another a social media bonus is happening here for us all :). Thank you again tech-stitch for your generosity.

Alright... being all things are settling with CellNuvo and I had to reset the device anyway (with all of these updates), the decision of the top 4 was on @KentE, @mmfacemm, @Chelle, and @Isamorph (based on my observations of the posts and contributions made on other areas).

That leaves @Isamorph with an Honorable Mention as originally suggested by @Diedrich_Duo since CellNuvo is not being used. In fact, before this was brought up by @Diedrich_Duo, I had @Isamorph as a candidate due to the wide variety of contributions I have seen.

It was in fact, very hard to reach a top 4 to me, as there are many many contributions made here by those within this forum. That said, a huge thank you goes to all whom contribute here one way or another. Without you, this forum would not have so much to offer.

Anyway, after much consideration, the decision was to select @KentE - mainly due to the random acts of kindness statement. I strongly believe the world could use much more of that, so I tend to be bias to anyone whom supports that. As time passes, I will look into making adjustments (selecting someone else to share the gift) should CellNuvo continue to allow it.

@mmfacemm - It was close - very close - since you gave the idea and I found via you that my account referral was being wasted. That said, I have used your FreeUp link to start a new FreeUp account. I got the credit on my end, so hopefully you will get your credit (if they still do that).

Congrats KentE! A worthy winner who has contributed much and doesn't get enough recognition or reward. It is very generous of you tech-stitch especially considering you didn't even get the gift card for the phone you ordered.

I've gotten plenty of referrals credits for one thing or another (including from KentE!) so not disappointed at all but thanks for the freeup one. I've referred lots of people to freeup and they never seem to credit on my end but I do appreciate the gesture! Fingers crossed anyway.

I would actually be happy to send you some freeup credit to get you started if you would like and are okay sending me your freeup number by pm (it is needed to transfer credits).

You are welcome and thank you! I try my best to stay true to my word. Your FreeUp offer is generous and tempting, so thank you! I will keep it in mind.

For now, I will see how the crediting works and see if I am able to sustain the $10 or $15 plan just with the app interactions. I think I should be able to, but we will see.

Thanks, tech-stitch!
I really like your concept of sharing & rotating your referral bonus, and I'm honored to be the temporary designee. There surely are a lot of excellent forum members here!
I might have a good plan for your unexpected generosity.......