Cellnuvo R.I.P.

For all intents and purposes, no cell service for 8 weeks means its over. Tello looks like a better place for me and my fellow thrifty and cheap skinflints.

I understand your frustration. Some of us were forced to have temp service elsewhere.

You never had the 30 day temp service with cellnuvo?
Because it is now 3 weeks since that expired. Not 8 weeks.

Why not use another service temporary?. Why lose your hard earned gold?

As I said in another post. I would pay 1 gold. Per month for premium support. Or let us use to support.

It should not be this long agreed

I hear tell is great. Also check out tpo. I think they cheaper.

For some of us CN is like a bank holding our money without letting us withdraw it, and we don't necessarily depend on their cellular service. As long as there is a chance of getting our money back, we'll stick around.

Well this thread gets the prize for "click-bait" of the day. If you're going to use a title like this, it should be legit news. You could've posted this in another active CN thread.

Even if they do get back and running, how could you ever trust them for reliable service? Not click-baiting here, but it has been 8 weeks from first shut off, and within that time-frame another shut -off after new numbers were assigned. No communication unless you count the "we are working on it " emails. Frozen web-site inspires no confidence. Ring+ deja-vu all over again.

Or add. For me in title

How hard would it be for the folks at cellnuvo to send an email update to send all subscribers an update once in awhile? Another concern is that they have our credit-card info.

You could fight any wrong charges with cc

Or if you leaving cellnuvo and it really bothers you. Have cc company send you a different number cc

i wonder how is chelle feeling now. 3000 golds. whoa. i feel like a pain in my your know what with only 10% of that.

She has 3000?
Not what she told me lol

How many people left on cellnuvo and how many are still swiping for silver?

It's in the single to double digits.