Cellnuvo App Update 3.71 Available

Just noticed Cellnuvo has updated the app. Can't say what's included other than what's do described in Play Store.

What's New:

-Bugfixes and stability improvements for Android 8+
-Improved click tracking to enable additional ad networks

Happy swiping.

I did update Swipir yesterday. Although I can't guarantee it was the update, I did manage to get through my 20 contest entries pretty easily-- the first time in quite a while.

I updated CellNuvo app, too. I noticed no change in ad production there.

I updated. seems same wipe left on cell nuvo same ole same old. No good. Swipir is working good. Strange

"-Bugfixes and stability improvements for Android 8+"

So not compatible with Android versions <8?

Both apps seem to be working on my swiping phones,Android 6, Swipir app much better than CellNUVO app.

EDIT: Actually tonight the CellNUVO app is doing pretty well, I got my 20 left swipes pretty easily and won a small match all pot on right swipe.

Both apps actually started to show ads on that place holder after you swipe. That's how the CellNuvo account was able to get the first entry in like forever. See attached for what I mean. Bad news is that those ads are worthless (you need about 3 to make one point).

I'm considering those placeholder ads a mixed blessing at this point.
The good: we've been forced to put up with the placeholder anyway. At least with the ads back on the placeholder screen, CN is generating some income from them.

The bad: Not only no points for the placeholder ads, but it uses up one contest entry that could be a paying ad. (but on most days, I'd probably be glad to get any kind of contest entry.......)

Good points. As always, time will tell...