CellNUVO App Update 3.66

New app update today 3/22/2019 to 3.66

The big question, are the unacceptable annoying pop ups (that only go away by hitting the little x in the upper right corner) gone? No dammit. No right swiping for me.

The other question (for me), are there more ads on left swiping? You would get a few then nothing for a long period. [update: was good for a while now back to no ads].

I am able to get maybe 5c max a day, on the cusp of not being worth it.

What changes or fixes on new version?

This update did nothing for me. I have $200 accumulated through "instant" swaps. I have $100 request pending as of March 15, and when asking for the second $100 e-check, I'm still getting: "Pending Purchase - Transaction Cancelled" error

There are a few more ads for the left swipe for me. These past 2 days I was getting nothing and didn't even get an entry into the daily split pot other than from a survey. This morning I did all 20. But they are mostly 0-1 point ads with one or two 5 point ones and took a lot of frantic empty swiping and forced resets.

The right swipe match pop up is still there but amazingly they made it even more annoying. Now there is a bunch of text telling you that you need to match a number to get points and these ads don't give us any points. The ads on the pop up seem gone but they seem to have misunderstood that we don't care about that - we don't want the pop up at all!

Payment limits are supposed to be fixed per the changelog but according to ceka that isn't so. It could be because he/she had a payment already in the system. So anyone who hasnt done it before please do chime in.

On the positive note, after they removed the ads on the pop up, I have a better aim at the x - it's not a moving target anymore :slight_smile:

Sigh @popup

I suspect that the pop-up page (CellNuvo logo, with or without static ad) is here to stay, whether we like it or not. I think it's being used to further monetize the app, so that CN can directly sell ads rather than having the outside vendor supply the ads we (might) get points for.
I think sometimes it's empty simply because CellNuvo hasn't sold the ad space.
If that's correct, the best we might be able to hope for would be a smarter algorithm that doesn't call up the intervening 'CN'-logo ad unless there is actually ad content to display, and/or a reduced frequency of appearance.

The pop-up that announces you didn't get a match, and the new 'tutorial' pop-up are a different story. Past an initiation period, they don't seem to serve any purpose either for the user, or for CellNuvo: they just reduce return rates for both.

What would make anybody install this app on their phone? What's the draw? I mean really, where's the incentive?

So long as they keep their word on higher paid ads retuning and things flow like they used to (at least for us since some had different results), it would make sense (some of us used to get $100 gold / 100,000 points each month).

Now, with the current returns, highly doubtful they will be able to retain many of us in the long run and less likely to get new customers that will remain.

Just updated to the latest version of the app,seems to be less empty swipes on right swipes . Haven't tried any left swipes yet because I'm trying to hit the big 197 point match-all-pot.

EDIT: First left swipe I got a 100 point survey.

Yeah, I was referring to new installs. For someone just browsing through such apps, what's to draw them to Cellnuvo? The app presents itself as a haphazard, clunky and complicated implementation.

I noticed I am not swiping much since the BAD update. Much as in ANY

Got it. Yes, new installs? Not sure who would stick to this after the initial 30 minutes.

As far as swiping, we are not swiping as much. We force ourselves and end up leaving the app due to the slow / painful earnings along with the darn pop up on every swipe.

Will force myself to use the new version to see if there is improvement.

I doubt I have swiped more than 15 minutes all week. I swipe every once in a while to see if there are any changes, it only takes me 15 seconds to see that nothing has changed in point value and I move on. I think Tom underestimated the impact of these changes.

Agreed. We may be frugal, but most of us not to this point. I am just hoping that what they say is true (1st quarter issues and improvement to take place afterwards). Unfortunately, my trust & confidence levels on CellNuvo / Swipir has erroded significantly - especially after the findings I recently made and posted.

The user experience has been murdered. What makes the folks at CN think anyone wants to watch ads for less than a penny per ad? Or for no reward at all? Then waiting 4 months for full payment. This is beyond crazy.

We most certainly stopped recommending it to anyone... Period.

They have just about taken away any incentive for me and my family to even have the app installed at all. I've been seriously considering cashing out now, even with the loss, and abandoning the whole thing.

I might be willing to reconsider if they would bring back the ability to make our cellular payments. Short of that it is not even a little bit worth the effort now.

Install the Swipir app????? I see absolutely no reason to as of now. We are just about to throw CellNuvo to the wind and wash our hands of the whole stinking mess.

I think I'll wait for the next update and decide then, depending on any real improvements or lack thereof. The lack of the ability to make the cellular payments is the absolute deal breaker for us and ALL of those that we know personally who were using it for that. <\rant>

Speaking of 15 minutes a week.