CellNuvo App Settings

For those of you who can still access you CellNuvo app, can you go into settings and then account info and look and see if it says your mobile device number is the 'original' number you had with Cellnuvo, or is it your new RedPocket mobile number.

Mine is still the original CellNuvo mobile number.

I am pretty sure the information on that app is not being updated. That screen also says your status description is active. I'm not sure to what status description refers.

The app was frozen in time 2 weeks ago for me.

App is communicating with completely separated system. It just means that the system not connected with RP service.

Are we getting credits for ad as or not?

Ads are crediting on both our phones, just 10 point kiip ads but I only swiped a couple times. Haven't been swiping lately, waiting until we get our phone numbers back and CN clarifies how all this is going to work.