Cellnuvo App occupy a bunch of storage space

Why suddenly Cellnuvo started to take up a lot of space ?

Cellnuvo 3.11 swelled up to 1.8GB and the phone is warning me that I am out of space and some functions, like receiving sms/txt will not work etc.

Anybody else has noticed this?

Clean the cache in the settings menu. Either go to Apps/CellNuvo/Cache, or to Storage/Cached Data. (The latter path will clean all cached data, including browser cache, which also is likely to build up with CellNuvo.)

Yes, I've noticed it. Version 3.xx does not do a good job of deleting cached data.

But the thing I am talking about is different from cache (see attached screenshot). You see, it has 1.76gb data in storage. If I clear data, the account is gone also.

Wow-- that's excessive!
I haven't seen that-- the phone I just looked at is 28.5 MB for app+data. You're correct that if you clear data, you'll have to reinstall the app. (The account info will still be available on CellNuvo servers.) This isn't traumatic. Take screenshots of your Gold balance and account info in the settings menu, make sure you know your account email address, and any referral code you want to use.
Then clear data, and uninstall. Reinstall from the Play Store. Enter your email address and referral code, check for the one-time confirmation code email and enter that in the app. You might need to restart the phone to make everything run smoothly.
The current version is 3.15.

Wow never seen that before. What phone you use?

Clearing cache from the page you attached, doesn't clear everything. Try clearing this way:. Go to "files" and follow this path - storage -> Android-> data-> com.cellnuvo.cellnuvo -> delete files and cache folders. See if that makea a difference.

I am using a Moto E4, running Android 7.1.1. It used to be OK.

Nunodat, thank you for your directions.

Now I find a folder that keeps a bunch of presumably temporary files. They have extension named as tmp. The path to reach the folder on this phone is : Settings ->storage ->Internal shared storage -> other -> Android ->data -> com.cellnuvo.cellnuvo ->files -> _mm_video_cache. So now I can periodically delete these files to recover the used space.


That folder is emptyfor me, but are you saying anything in that folder you can delete without affecting the app?

It might say that but it's unlikely the folder is empty. Even though it says empty, be sure to check "show hidden files.". Then go back and open each subfolder. You'll see all of the crap the app leaves.

My primary swiping phone is definitely not storing significant amounts of cached video files-- it does not have the space to do so. By following the paths above, I find 17mb of cached data.
I'll have a look at the other swiper, which does have enough space to build up without me being aware of it.

Be sure to enable "show hidden files.". Can't see the files otherwise. Lots of ad .mp4 retained. They're small but they add up. FWIW, deleting the entire com.cellnuvo.cellnuvo folder from data folder will do the job too. Be sure to close the CN app and reopen afterwards.

For those not getting surveys, resetting your android ID will make surveys available again. Do this often during the first 20 allows you to rack up a lot of gold.