Cellnuvo app is updated!

The "account number" for Red Pocket is NOT your cell number. You can go online and find it or do a chat. I just refilled my Red Pocket but I noticed the amount you enter in the app does not allow you to enter a decimal point. Like 10.60 gold. The reason I think this might be important is I think RP charges tax. So if you just say add 10 gold for the 10 dollar plan but the total is 10.60 (including tax) then the 10 gold would not be enough to pay the bill. So I just said use "12 Gold" to cover any tax and fees. I hope this works and covers any 'tax'.

I paid 5 gold to my T Mobile $3 a month account. Time will tell.

I had same concern that one cannot enter anything in the payment amount other that whole numbers, and mine just said I paid with 5 gold, not 5 dollars.

@Frasier1, so where do I go online to find my Red Pocket account number? A Red Pocket chat support rep is currently looking for my account number, he's been at it for 15 minutes now trying to find it. He is contacting another department trying to get it.

I went here....

It's a 7 digit number in my case 153XXXX

Why are people trying to find their redpocket account number. When I try to reload my Infinite plan it automatically
takes 5 gold and I'm not required to put in an account number... apparently because cellnuvo already knows the
cell number that should have been moved to redpocket. Refilling my infinite plan has never worked for me from
the app so maybe something is broken for me

After 30 minutes Red Pocket chat rep said they don't have my account # and I need to get it from CellNUVO.

I just registered and log in Red Pocket Mobile Login. But it requires sending me a confirmation text to my Red Pocket line that currently has no service. So I can't register my line. Oh well.

Michael Corleone, have you ever created a Red Pocket log-in? If so, does it show your line as Active, Suspended, or Closed? My guess is this is not going to work if the status is Closed.
I did a Chat with Red Pocket some time ago, and they had no difficulty locating the account number and pin associated with the line. I only did that for one of my 2 lines, though-- and it's the one now showing as Closed..
This evening, I will check Fraiser1's link to see if I can get an account number for my second (and still working) line. (Thanks, Frasier1 !) . Again a frustrating part of Red Pocket-- despite logging in several different places, I never managed to find a place to see the account # online.)

My account is "Active" with zero allotments.

An email is going to be circulated with more info about the payment process in about an hour or so.

I continue to log in at my.redpocketmobile.com using my phone number & a password created some time ago. But after logging in, no account number is disclosed. My "Wireless Number," along with other information, is revealed, though.

Maybe the account number is top-secret & requires some Gold at a clandestine location to persuade the CS folks to hand it over.

I think this whole thing, the whole ordeal is silly. All the hoops I've been jumping through. If it weren't for those large amount of golds that I have I would have bailed out long ago.

We'll continue to hang around to see if CellNuvo can deliver according to its website, which includes numerous providers, including Tello, at the whistleout.com reference on the CellNuvo website. We'd be most pleased if that happens. Or Amazon gift codes would work I suppose.

Not for everyone. One of mine is my cell number. Best to check of course anyway

I also contacted T-mobile and they said your account number is your 10 digit cell number with a '1' in front of it

@Frasier1, you are not currently on the $5 Cell Nuvo plan, you are on the "30 Day- 500 Minutes, 500 Texts & 500MB" plan. Maybe that's why you have an account number.

Yes---it's silly enough that fond memories of R+ are starting to grow in my mind.

Hmmmm..... another strange mystery. If the account is Active, it seems like RP must have an account # attached to the line-- how else would they track it?