Cellnuvo app is updated!

Check out the updated cellnuvo app at the play store.

I haven't downloaded or tried it yet, but in the spirit of many here on nthcircle, I rated it negative four (-4) stars already.

I updated the app and tried the Pay my Red Pocket Bill option for 5 gold. We'll see how long this takes or if it's even going to work.

I got my Red Pocket account number earlier from their online chat so I can port out my number. I just have to wait until the 15th to port out because the device I ordered is back ordered.

Will installing this require an activation code?

How will it link to our current accounts?

Updated. Testing out now

It includes sprint, tmobile and verizon. As well as redpocket.

You add your account number and payment amount.

Is RedPocket account number different from phone number?

Just purchased $10 Red Pocket using the RP phone number. Wait and see time.

Mine is my phone number (tmobile line) but not for the sprint line.

my account is closed but i topped up five golds for the infinite plan. haven't we been doing something like this for quite a while with no success? the update only removed silvers made and needed columns, were they the problem?

It looks like in order for this to work one must already have an account # with the vendor.

so i am screwed again

Okay I tried one sprint and one redpocket.

Thanks for the Red Pocket tests everybody.

I predict there will be no Sprint, Tmo, or Verizon tests. At first it occurred to me there's probably lotsa folks with such Large Gold Balances, what could it hurt? Lose 50 or whatever Gold, who cares with a balance of 100s? But even folks crazy enough to have all that Gold aren't gonna attach their credit report to a new postpaid contract that they'd have to wonder might not get paid.

Edit: Woah, mmfacemm might take one for the team, good luck! Is that one of the tax-only Sprint plans?

I am wondering the same thing.

i really want to test on redpocket but my account is closed. wait a minute, do i have to pay with credit card to open my account with red pocket?

It will be interesting to know the turnaround time. I assume cellnuvo has to process these manually.

Ok this is where I call BS.

How are you attaching your credit report?

So lets say you have a tmobile account. You send 10 gold which is $10. You DO NOT stop your traditional payment method. You should see a $10 credit in your account. Then if you decide to use Cellnuvo. You just throw in the amount you want for a credit. IE 50 gold which is $50

I would think you would at least need a valid phone # with Red Pocket.

Yes it is different.

You could try using your phone number as the account number. One of my lines uses the phone number as the account number