Cellnovo is a very successful company

I admire it

Why this thread?

I get you are upset but this is just trolling now.

Just move on man.

My thoughts exactly. I offered him help with my experience. I am sure you would too.

He just ignored me.

I am sure he spends more time venting on the forum. Then it took to amass 300 gold.

You can lead a horse to water.

Sure I felt bad for him. I feel bad for all of us,but making trolling your job is beyond ridiculous.

I am not interested in trolling anybody I am just here to vent my hatred for my mental health. Just because you are chosen and can solve the problem does not mean that I am chosen. This is just like a child telling others if they cry his mother will breastfeed them too.

Besides, in this post I am not talking about cellnuvo.

There is this pig screaming while it is taken out of farm. The sheep look at him in disdain, "why are you being a crying baby? We never make a complain when the farmer takes us out."

There was this gorgeous woman working in a company with a few guys in celldodo.com. Her husband later got a position in the same company but a different department. One day during the lunch time, her husband brought her lunch and she kissed him passionately. She even grabbed his ass as he dropped off the lunch. One of that woman's team member was dumbfounded and asked her who was that guy and why was she so nice to him. The woman said he was just another colleague in a different department and she had to be nice to him because he brought her lunch everyday. The next day her team member brought her a big lunch and everybody burst into laughs.

and the sheep told baby pigs that the old pig was hard to understand


The farmer ran away with his 300+ gold like a thief in the night.

Good warning for other pigs.

And the pig had earned the right to scream as much as he wants.

More like said pig escapes to another farm and continues to scream and scream about his old farm.

All the farm animals will get sick of him pretty quick.

But the wolf dressed up as a pig (JTSR71) will post fake one star reviews. And laugh along.

As the baby pigs grow up they realize that they will be slaughtered. The sheep say why don't you take it easy nobody asks you to be a pig.

Hmm that is really mature of you to get upset with all the users who have working service. The same users who tried to help you and you ignored it. Squeal on.

Feel free to join the wolves but you'll always be a pig. Good luck with that.

I am not upset with any of you. I am upset with myself. How could I be so stupid? I hope that other pigs are aware of their identity and don't act like a sheep because that is beyond stupid.

I remember that there was a gentleman offering me $10 for a wonderful holiday. Though I cannot take it seriously I think he is the best guy in this forum.

I don't care for the wolves either, whatever their intents are, but I think they are closer to the true.

One certainly must admire the cat burglar who never gets caught, and especially if they function in a Robin Hood type of manner, only stealing from the very wealthy.
Or is the above all backwards & inside-out ?!?

As with the title of this thread, one must certainly admire cn for taking from us ordinary little folks so unscrupulously and without remorse...right, or wrong ??

There's only a single letter to change between 'faker' and 'taker', if you follow my drift ??

And the sheep said that pigs could fly. (smile)

It is easy to send money in the mail

Harder to offer time to help someone. Who needs help

To be ignored Was and is an insult. At least s respond to say help was not wanted