Cell Boosters (Non-Wifi)

Hey Y'all

What do you guys recommend for boosting cell signal when you don't have access to the modem. I live in a shared house in the basement and its starting to get hard to use truphone. I do have google voice but the wifi isn't the most reliable. Also hoping I don't need to change carriers because I do love my current (Google Voice + Truphone + [strike]FreedomPop[/strike]RedPocket) setup. Primary provider is ATT towers. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Caveat: this may or may not be adaptable to your situation. I use a straight talk home home phone device, which allows me to unscrew the included antenna when necessary and screw in a wire leading to an external ( about 9$) magnetic stick antenna which I locate in an area with good signal. The antenna is tuned to my carriers frequencies(always supposing my base station supports those frequencies) via wire for better reception

Set up QOS on the house wifi?