Cat has Their Tongues

"That is what makes the current GOP effort so remarkable, he said. “I can’t think of another piece of legislation of this scope and magnitude that affects so many people that has been drawn up behind such a dense veil of secrecy.”"

I do not see a real problem with the approach. In fact, given, the.circimstances, it probably is the only practical method.

The real problem is the CBO scoring and there is no way out of that dilemma.

The recent book, An American Sickness, by Elizabeth Rosenthal is an excellent source for anyone interested in moving beyond the vapid rhetoric

Its greatest strength is that it clearly explains why advocates of both the PPACA and the AHCA are barking up the wrong tree

Yes.--Emptiness once again. There is silence because there is nothing new under the sun in that they are just doing what they have been doing for the past 7 or 8 years or longer---not much of anything to solve the problems. For some reason, the US government cannot even look to our modern neighbors to see how they have more or less successfully created a viable health care system. There are just too many powerful people who control and profit from the health care system as it is, and there are but a powerless few in government who wish to change things. Do nothing=no change. We have not left square one.