Can Someone with Working App pay someone else's Bill?

This may have been discussed before, but if you have a 'working App' why couldn't you pay 'my' bill and then I send you the money via pay-pal? For example, you have an app that you have been able to recharge redpocket and one of the big 4. Could I say hey, add 10 gold to my redpocket account and I'll send you 5 bucks via PayPal? If mine were working right, I think I would be willing to do that so I could get some benefit of my gold before I can't. Any thoughts?

Not sure about redpocket as there has been some talk about numbers needing to match. I suppose it is worth a shot if someone wants to guinea pig it.

But I don't see why not with the other 4 providers other than the fact that very few attempts have actually worked!

Per CN support ticket they told me "as long as you enter your correct phone number when you request a top up it should go through now. and "but as long as you enter your correct number in when topping up, we have had them go through" .. implies the phone #'s may not need to match the app anymore. Seems they've been & maybe still are working on it.

Yep, my app phone number did not change but I was able to pay into my Sprint account by entering my Sprint phone number there.