Cacao Madness

Even if one can purportedly get "high" snorting cacoa, having dark brown nostrils definitely does not look like it would make one look "cool". Snorting, sneezing, and sniffing does not sound appealing.

"Coco Loko is the first cacao powder product to be sold in the U.S. specifically for the use of snorting.

So why can't you just buy cacao powder at a retail store and ingest it through your nose? Why is Coco Loko any different?

It's not. " :dry:

Cacao: - YouTube

My kids love Cocoa Loco: Enjoy Life Cocoa Loco Chewy Bars- Allergy Friendly Snack Bar

Ok I will byte. What is this product? What are you crazy kids into now?

Just checked out the link you provided, and it looks like these snack bars aren't any worse than most, nutrition-wise... plus you get the added benefit of a little extra energy. I think I'll buy a few next time I'm at our local grocery store and try them out (and then I'll post lots of hyper reviews here before the caffeine wears off :slight_smile: ).

Agreed. Snorting cacao is right up there with chewing tobacco -- cacao stains your nostrils, while tobacco stains your teeth (and does worse things, too). I'll pass on both and stick to drinking coffee and chewing bubble gum, thank you very much!